The Velcro Hack That'll Make Hanging Garland A Breeze For Holiday Decor

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'Tis the season for finding easier, more damage-free ways to decorate your house for Christmas. If you're the proud owner of an open staircase, this often means figuring out how to hang your garland with care. Using tape or other adhesive solutions to hang garland on your staircase or anywhere else in your home can be a major hassle. The garland rarely stays in place for long. The adhesive also often pulls the paint or finishes off your banister and balusters when it's time for removal, and even removable pull-tab adhesive strips aren't always damage-free.

Fortunately, TikTok has come through with a simple, easy hack that could save you a ton of frustration and keep your gorgeous staircase as good as new. TikTokker @mrs.vesnatanasic posted a video depicting herself hanging a strand of garland on her staircase railing using a fairly common household item: Velcro strips. If you've been searching for a truly damage-free way to decorate this holiday season, this may be the perfect hack for you. 

How to hang garland with Velcro strips

Rather than trying to wrestle garland into place or risking your priceless paints and finishes as you put up your holiday decor, consider getting your hands on some Velcro strips for hanging your garland this year. If you don't already have some lying around the house, snag an entire 16-foot roll for less than $18 on Amazon. The low price tag makes this perfect for those looking to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

Secure your garland in place by looping sections of Velcro strips around the garland and the banister — adhesive side out — at even intervals. Close each loop by sticking the end of the strip to itself. Next, wrap some ribbon or a bow over the Velcro strips to cover the exposed adhesive. This doesn't just improve the appearance of your garland; it keeps your ribbons and bows from untying and falling throughout the holiday season. If ribbon isn't already part of your garland display, you can pick up a 10-yard roll of high-quality, velvet, holiday ribbon for about $20.99 on Amazon

This method allows the garland to drape beautifully along the railing and keeps it exactly where you want all season. It can also be applied to other areas of your home where you want to hang garland, just as long as you have something to loop the Velcro around. And, no adhesive actually touches the banister, keeping its surface clear of damage. With a hack this simple, you'll have your garland hung in no time.