Hilary Farr Warns To Keep This Kitchen Essential Hidden At All Times

HGTV star Hilary Farr is a design genius, and like her show title "Tough Love with Hilary Farr" implies, she won't let anything get in the way of her vision. This time around, it is a kitchen eyesore that she warns us to watch out for — the trash can. While your design board probably didn't include any thoughts on where your garbage bin would be, the essential item's location is critical for the room's flow, whether you are cooking, hosting, or just passing through.

As the design star put it, "Why would you choose to have it out in plain sight when you can have it in a cabinet, out of sight? Nobody likes trash cans sitting out in the kitchen. It's ugly, it's smelly, and it just doesn't work," explains Farr via Realtor. Fortunately, there are different ways to conceal the waste bin without sacrificing too much cabinet space and money.

Why trash cans should be out of sight

You don't want a dirty waste bin to be the first thing people see when they enter your kitchen. On the Season 2 premiere of her headlining series, Hilary Farr explained it is best to keep your trash can hidden for style and practicality. Having your receptacle tucked away in a cabinet optimizes floor space. The room a freestanding bin takes up may be better suited for an island stool or vegetable cart to increase seating and storage. Simply freeing up the area can widen walkways and allow for fluid movement in the kitchen.

Hidden waste bins are typically installed near the sink or dishwasher so food prep and clean up are more efficient. Just slide the crumbs off the plate into the container before loading the dishwasher, or rinse the tuna cans before tossing them — everything is within arm's reach. It is also a great option for those with young children or pets, as there is no risk of little ones knocking it over and furry friends rifling through.

Although Farr designed the Season 2 home with discreet and space-saving pull-out trash bins, not every kitchen has a cabinet to spare for the disposal system. For small kitchens, it might be best to save the cabinet for pots and pans. Luckily, they are not the only way to conceal your junk. There are plenty of other Farr-approved kitchen garbage solutions that match your style and are perfect for your room's functionality.

How to hide your kitchen garbage

A great way to hide your kitchen garbage is not having it in the room. If possible, place the trash can outside of the kitchen in a connected garage, backyard, or at the side of your house. It won't be in the kitchen, but still close enough that it won't be a bother. Outside is a great secondary option, so odors don't invade your home. However, this is not feasible for apartments or during cold weather seasons.

Under the sink is one of the best spots in your kitchen for a trash can. A mountable waste bin connects inside the cupboard door and is out of sight while conveniently close to the dishwasher-sink hub. These are usually smaller receptacles, but a compact container means taking out the trash frequently so waste won't have time to build odors and stink up the kitchen. Plus, it doesn't take up the entire cabinet space, leaving room for cleaning supplies.

Another way to hide this kitchen essential is with a stylish concealment piece. Tolead's Tilt Out Trash Cabinet, available at Wayfair, fits a 10-gallon bin but looks like a modern pantry with a drawer and tabletop. You can also slide a regular plastic or metal waste container into a decorative woven basket, wine barrel, or clay pot. It will turn the eyesore into a centerpiece, and no one will know what's really hidden inside.