Keep Bathroom Trash Out Of Sight With This Genius Dollar Tree Hack

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Proper waste disposal is central to a healthy living environment. Without it, sanitation would be impossible, and you'd live in a heap of waste. Keeping a trash management system available is crucial to avoid improper discarding, especially in rooms like your bathroom. A tiny bathroom is no longer a roadblock, thanks to a genius Dollar Tree hack that maximizes any space you have while simultaneously giving you a place to keep your garbage. You only need shower curtain rings, a towel bar, and a plastic bag.

Throwing things away in your bathroom by flushing them down the toilet only hurts yourself and your plumbing. The only item that should be tumbling down your toilet pipe is bathroom tissue. Tougher materials like paper towels, sanitary pads, baby wipes, and even sponges and floss do not belong down there and can cause an obstruction. Toilet paper is formulated to dissolve easily, whereas the rest are not. It can cost you hundreds of dollars in damages if you have to call a plumber for your bathroom, not to mention these items can wreck your community's sewage system. You can avoid the trouble by implementing a makeshift waste disposal center that's out of sight with items from Dollar Tree.

Hide your bathroom trash with a cabinet towel bar

You'll need a bathroom cabinet to hang the towel bar over to accomplish this hack. This is ideal because you don't have to screw in any nails or adjust anything. Drape the bar over one of your cabinet doors to rest on the inside. Then, slide two shower rings onto the bar to hold up each arm of the plastic bag. From there, you can access the hanging makeshift trash bag just by swinging open the cabinet. If you'd rather forgo a trip to Dollar Tree and pay more for the convenience of having your materials delivered, the cost would be about $15 if you get the hanging towel bar and the shower curtain rings from Amazon.

This hack is handy because of its high functionality. You don't have to do too much to access the trash; it'll be hidden from view, and you won't need to spend much cash. However, there is a downside: the opening of the trash bag may be too narrow due to it being stretched out on the towel bar. This means you'll probably have to stick your hand into it to dispose of any trash each time you use it. If you don't have bathroom cabinets, you could use this hack by getting a towel bar that can be screwed into your wall instead, but then it wouldn't be hidden.