The Simple Hanger Swap That'll Leave Your Closet Smelling Better Than Ever

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A funny-smelling closet is nobody's idea of a good time, and it will have you wrinkling your nose every time you open the doors. Although dirty and moist clothing items are the most likely culprits, insufficient airflow will also promote staleness and cause your wardrobe to smell funky. While there's no substitute for cleaning the storage space and throwing the dirty laundry in the washing machine, you can enjoy a fresh-smelling closet through a simple hanger swap. Just replace your old metal wire or plastic hangers with cedar ones.

Though a wardrobe essential, hangers are one of the most overlooked accessories. After all, what other purpose do they serve besides letting you hang your clothes? But cedar hangers are a game-changer. Not only will their natural scent make your closet smell like an evergreen forest, but it'll also repel cloth-eating insects like moths and silverfish. Moreover, the design and sturdiness of these wooden hangers make them the ideal candidate for hanging your sweaters without stretching or misshaping them.

Reasons you should invest in cedar hangers

As mentioned, the primary reason you should invest in cedar hangers is their natural smell that will keep both your closet and clothes smelling fresh and earthy. They don't just give off a pleasant aroma but can also neutralize foul scents. Besides, these wooden hangers absorb moisture and prevent it from invading your wardrobe. This will ensure that humidity-loving mold and mildew and the resultant foul odors stay away from your storage space and garments, effectively minimizing health concerns. They're decay-resistant, too.

Another reason why cedar hangers are in vogue is their aesthetic appeal. Their wood grain look and reddish-brown/pink hue are unmatched. Plus, these hangers are available in a myriad of styles and shapes to suit all types of clothes, from bulky sweaters to summer dresses. Bonus advantage: Wooden hangers are environmentally friendly, unlike their metal and plastic contemporaries, which are non-biodegradable. However, these hangers are on the expensive end of the spectrum, and you'll have to pay more upfront than metal or plastic. For instance, you'll have to spend a minimum of $21 to buy a 12-pack of ELONG HOME Cedar Hangers from Amazon, compared to $10 for a 20-pack of HangerLane's Plastic Hangers. But they're a one-time investment, with their longevity and durability ensuring a high ROI (return on investment).

Maintaining cedar hangers

To ensure your cedar hangers last a lifetime, keep smelling enchanting, and continue repelling pests, it's important to maintain them. But don't worry; these hangers don't require regular or effort- and time-intensive maintenance. When you notice the smell is gone from these wooden hangers, simply bring them out of the closet and arm yourself with fine-grit sandpaper. Don't be overzealous, just sand the top layer till its scent becomes noticeable again. Sanding the hanger will get rid of the accumulated dust and help its natural oils take center stage.

After you're done sanding both sides of the hanger, grab a damp microfiber cloth and rub it against the surface to remove the dust and debris. Now, let it air dry for a few minutes before putting it back in your closet. In case the aroma isn't as strong as you remember the new hangers possessing, give these accessories a natural cedar oil rub. Simply add a few drops to a clean cloth and wipe the cloth along the hanger. Then, let the accessory soak in the oil for a few hours and only hang your garments on it when it's dry. In case you apply more than the hanger can absorb, use a paper towel (or cloth) to remove the excess oil. You can also get a cedar spray to spritz the hanger per the manufacturer's instructions.