The TikTok Hack That'll Make It Easier To Move Appliances Around On Your Countertop

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You may have noticed that your smoothie machine, stand mixer, blender, and other kitchen appliances either have little suction cups or pieces of rubber on the bottom of the base. These help the machine grip the counter and make the appliance hard to move around. Or your microwave and toaster oven may not adhere to the counter in this way but are heavy enough that they can't be easily moved either. This can be annoying and get in the way when you're cleaning or prepping food. However, the genius little TikTok hack that makes it a breeze to roll your items around is a set of adhesive casters.

A traditional caster is an actual wheel, and you often see these attached to sofas, chair legs, or moveable file cabinets; they allow you to reposition heavy furniture with no lifting. Adhesive casters, also called ball-bearing casters, behave like miniature wheels. Each one is made from one, two, or three little steel balls that swivel 360 degrees. They're mounted on a small piece of plastic with a sticky backing, which allows them to be attached to your appliances with ease.

How to use adhesive casters

If making your favorite recipes has become a bear because certain appliances that are suction cupped to your counter, those are the appliances to add casters to first. Be sure to unplug everything before turning them over to have a look underneath. If there's enough of a flat surface to accommodate them, then you'll need four adhesive casters. If your blender or other appliance has defined feet, that's the ideal place to apply them, but if not, then evenly space the four casters, removing the adhesive backing and pressing firmly. For best results let them adhere for 24 hours before moving or using the appliance.

There are a couple of notes about this hack. The manufacturer of these Self Adhesive Caster Wheels — $14 for 16 pieces on Amazon – recommends they not be used on quartz countertops. Using four can hold up to 54 lbs, but won't work if the item is heavier. Another company makes single-ball Mini Self Adhesive Caster Wheels and four of those hold a maximum of 18 lbs — $7 for 16 pieces, also on Amazon. Also, note that many blenders are made to grip the counter because the motor's strong vibrations can cause the unit to move. If you've applied casters to a blender, don't leave it unattended, and use caution when operating it to ensure it doesn't roll off the counter.