Meet xTool's Screen Printer, The Must-Have For Innovative Home Projects

Throughout centuries of technological development, screen printing — the ancient process of pressing ink through mesh to make a crisp printed design — has grown, changed, and been at the forefront of both home design trends and pop culture juggernauts. Though one thing has always stayed the same: it's a tedious ordeal which takes a long, long time.

Not anymore. Meet the xTool Screen Printer, a landmark creation that will finally bring screen printing to the masses — by making it easy, accessible, and fully capable of turning the average home user into a screen printing expert.

As of November 27, 2023, the xTool screen printer, a new player in laser technology, has made a remarkable debut on Kickstarter. Surpassing its $30,000 funding goal within just two hours of launching, the project has now garnered support from over 1,800 backers, raising more than $740,000. This swift and significant achievement highlights the market's strong interest in innovative, creative tools. And it's likely that once the xTool Screen Printer delivers on its promises, by making it so anyone can practice screen printing in their home, it will rock the world of screen printing forever.

xTool is Permanently Changing the Game for Home Screen Printing

The xTool Screen Printer is a labor of love, developed over 18 months, and fine-tuned to transform screen printing from a stressful process into a home adventure that anyone can embark on.

Whereas traditional screen printing takes up to two days, the xTool Screen Printer can produce results in less than three hours, with a minimal learning curve. Using four tensioning strops and six quick-pull wrenches, xTool's unique design makes screen printing accessible while not sacrificing quality. Height adjustments for various materials are made easy with the piston-driven z-Axis AutoPress, while limitless colors and designs can now be created—and pressed onto anything from a handbag to a wooden cabinet door—by anyone in their home. Whether the user is a small business owner looking to make custom marketing materials or a new couple preparing unique wedding invitations, xTool's Screen Printer makes it easy.

Right now, the xTool Screen Printer is making waves on Kickstarter with its exciting range of purchasing options. Starting at just $199, you can snag the Basic Kit, packed with essentials like a magnetic board, cutting mat, and a specially coated screen. For the more discerning enthusiasts, the advanced S1 Combo is up for grabs at $1,968. Mark your calendars – this innovative product's crowdfunding journey concludes on December 7th. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of the future in screen printing. Post-campaign, you'll find it exclusively on the xTool official website. Get ready to elevate your creative projects with xTool!