The Staple Ingredient That'll Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Yard

Squirrels may seem harmless and even be considered cute and furry by some, but they can quickly become a nuisance in your yard when they steal food from your bird feeders and dig up your bulbs and plants. They also love to bury food for later, which can lead to unsightly holes and mounds in your lawn. While there are many methods to keep squirrels out of your yard, one of the most humane, and some say effective, is to use apple cider vinegar.

Typically, squirrels are attracted to areas with readily available food sources, such as bird seed, nuts, and fruits. They also tend to follow the same routes that provide the most safety in terms of predators. Once they find a reliable and safe food source, however, they will regularly visit to feast.

One distinctive feature that squirrels possess is that they have a keen sense of smell. This helps them detect both food and predators. They are said to be able to smell food even when it's buried under snow. But this heightened sensitivity is partly why apple cider vinegar is thought to help get rid of squirrels.

How apple cider vinegar affects squirrels

Apple cider vinegar seems to be a natural and non-toxic way to easily repel squirrels. Though there aren't any scientific studies confirming that this method is foolproof, many people do in fact say that it works. The pungency of the acetic acid in the vinegar is likely to be unpleasant for squirrels, making them feel uneasy and, consequently, unwelcome in the area. When squirrels smell the vinegar, they may experience a feeling of discomfort due to their amplified sense of smell, which can deter them from entering your yard or staying there for very long.

In addition, apple cider vinegar can also affect the squirrels' sense of taste since its flavor is overwhelming. Squirrels also have a heightened sense of taste, and the acidity in the vinegar can make food and other substances taste quite unpleasant to them. This can discourage them from feeding on plants and other items in your yard where the apple cider vinegar has been placed.

How to use apple cider vinegar to keep squirrels out of your yard

There are a few different ways to use apple cider vinegar as a squirrel deterrent. You can simply make an easy spray. Mix one ounce of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of water. Then put some in a spray bottle and spray it around the perimeter of your yard, including trees, bushes, and garden beds. This will create a barrier that squirrels won't want to cross. However, it's worth noting that some plants are sensitive to the acid found in the vinegar and may not do well if directly sprayed.

A better option is to spray undiluted apple cider vinegar on hard surfaces around the yard, including furniture, flower pots, and pavement. It's always a good idea to do a patch test and make sure that the vinegar won't harm the surface you are spraying it on.

Another option is to soak rags or cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and place them in areas where squirrels tend to enter or congregate in your yard, such as sheds and under decks. You can place the soaked rags in bowls or plates to keep the vinegar contained. The smell of the vinegar will be stronger since it is not diluted and it won't damage your belongings or plants — but it should keep the squirrels away.