My Lottery Dream Home Proves Why You Should Think Twice Before Getting Rid Of Your Bathtub

Are you considering getting rid of your bathtub? Think twice because you might regret ditching your tub in the long term. Of course, bathtubs aren't without their downsides, as they can take up extra space in your bathroom and seem high-maintenance regarding cleaning. But, before you convert your bathtub into a shower, you should know that having a bathtub can add value to your home, making it more appealing to homebuyers when you eventually sell your house.

HGTV's "My Lottery Dream Home" proves that having a bathtub can help persuade potential buyers to fall in love with your home. In Season 14, Episode 10 of the show (via Imgur), one woman was so excited to see a bathtub in a home shown by host David Bromstad that she eagerly got into the tub with a big smile. In that same episode (via Imgur), she was disappointed that another home didn't have a tub despite how that option had a larger bathroom. Thus, keeping your bathtub could help your home appear more upscale, luxurious, and attractive to future buyers.

The benefits of having a bathtub

Whether or not you plan on selling your home soon, there are many pros of keeping your bathtub or investing in a tub if you don't already have one. For instance, taking a bath provides many health benefits, which can help you feel good and make your bathroom appeal to health and wellness-loving homebuyers. "Warm baths promote relaxation by raising your core body temperature and lowering blood pressure," Jeffrey Gladd, M.D., the integrative medicine specialist who founded GladdMD Integrative Medicine, told Everyday Health. He also stated that "a warm bath in the evening may help you drift off to sleep more easily," and, "Taking warm baths can help improve feelings of stress and reduce fatigue and pain." 

On TikTok, Realtor Jennifer Zoeller shared a video explaining some other factors to consider when deciding whether you want your bathroom to have only a shower or a shower and bathtub. The Realtor noted that houses tend to be more attractive to potential buyers when the bathroom has a tub, as that feature will be especially appealing to families with small kids. She also said that not having the tub could lower the value of your home when it's time to list it in the future.

Tips for improving your bathtub

There are plenty of ways to help your tub appear more appealing to your housemates or potential buyers, like the one that practically sold the house on "My Lottery Dream Home." One tip to make your tub look fresher and more charming is to paint the outside of it. It's also crucial to clean your bathtub on a regular basis, even if you don't use it much. "If your tub is not used often or in a guest bath, just rinsing it out once a week will suffice,"  Sara San Angelo, the professional home cleaner who founded Confessions of a Cleaning Lady, told Southern Living. "Also, keeping the fan on can help with air circulation and dry the tub faster to help prevent mold and mildew growth."

Additionally, don't be afraid to dress up your bathtub to make it look more expensive and elegant. ActiveHomeCentre posted a video on TikTok suggesting doable ways to help your tub look more luxe. According to the video, you can elevate the tub's look by adding a bath tray and styling it with fresh soap, a loofah, other glamorous-looking items, and candles. Draping towels over the side of the tub will add another chic touch. These details are likely to elevate your bathroom in the eyes of potential buyers and, like it was on the show, could be the deciding factor for whether or not your house sells.