What You Need To Know Before Painting The Sides Of Your Interior Door Two Different Colors

If you want to make your home look unique, consider painting the sides of your interior doors two different colors, as there's no rule that the front and back of your interior door must match. Once you decide on the colors to paint your interior door, you should be strategic and careful when painting instead of rushing through it, as a sloppy paint job could ruin that intriguing effect. And please don't make the mistake of ignoring or forgetting about the sides of the door!

Although the door's sides may be very slim and may initially seem subtle compared to the rest of the door, they still matter when you paint. On TikTok, @comestayawhile posted a video featuring an example of a white and gray door. The TikToker said, "Make sure that you keep the front of the door and the side of the door the same color... now when we see it from this side, it looks like a plain white door, and when we see it from this side, it looks like a plain gray door." No matter which two hues you use for the paint, remember to follow that tip to prevent your dual-color interior door from looking too chaotic.

Why painting your interior door two different colors will elevate your home

As long as you remember to match the side of the door to the color of the front when painting, there's no reason not to explore the contrasty effect, as boldly painting your interior doors can significantly upgrade your home. "It's such an unexpected and really cool way to infuse some personality into your space... In a small space, or a historic space where you can't do a ton of changes to the actual property, painting the door is such a fun and cool way to add a little character," Elyza Brillantes, an interior designer, told Real Simple. So, think of the front and inside of your interior door as accessories you can use to dress up your rooms — like using a scarf or statement necklace to upgrade an outfit. And think of the side of the door like the ensemble's belt — not the most significant aspect of the look, but still a crucial aspect that needs attention.

The Velvet Bee, a TikTok account providing home-related content, shared a video proving that interior doors look great with two different colors, showing the door's green front and darker neutral back with the appropriately painted sides. Meanwhile, Christine Marie — a TikToker with over 17,000 followers — uploaded a video demonstrating that leaving the inside of the door white and painting the front darker with a matching side appears more exciting than just leaving it all white.

Color combinations to consider

Anyone ready to commit to painting the front and side of an interior door in their home a different color from the inside of that door should put careful thought into the hues they choose. While using an awkward or offputting color combination can put a damper on the rooms in your home, an attractive and clever combo will make your space appear more inviting and appealing. If you want a lively look, consider working with opposite colors. "A complementary color scheme is all about bold contrast... These color combs are made up of hues that sit across from one another on a traditional color wheel. Think navy blue and goldenrod or sienna and olive green," Kathy Kuo, a designer in the home industry, told Homes and Gardens.

However, you don't have to be so contrasty if that's not your vibe. Interior design TikToker @_bennelson_ posted a video sharing some more neutral and subtle color combinations that work well together, including walnut brown with cream, black and dark concrete gray, and olive green with walnut brown. According to a TikTok by Feng Shui Interior Designer, some more brilliant combos to try are turquoise with white, bright blue and white, and olive green with gray.