The Simple WD-40 Hack That'll Fix A Clogged Shower Head

There are few things more disappointing than bathing underneath a clogged shower head. Rather than being met with a strong spray of water, you're left trying to soap up beneath a weak trickle. This not only takes away the relaxing aspect of the activity, but it also makes it difficult to properly (and time-efficiently!) rinse. Because of that, you need a way to clean a clogged shower head STAT. Luckily, WD-40 can help. According to the brand, one of the easiest ways to clean your shower head is to use the iconic lubricant to loosen the debris that is clogging the water ducts. 

Rather than messing around with expensive cleaning sprays, you can simply use a bottle of WD-40 that you likely have stowed in your garage. This not only allows you to skip running to the store for a special degunking spray, but it also lets you cut back on how many products you need to stash in your cleaning cupboard. Rather than having a specialized item for each cleaning job, you can just use WD-40 to clean some of the messes. Here's how to fix a clogged shower head with the oil.

How to clean the shower head with WD-40

This shower head cleaning trick makes quick work out of a tedious chore. Rather than scrubbing away at buildup, you can simply blast it out with WD-40. Your sprayer is most likely clogged due to a buildup of soap scum and mildew, so it's important to perform a deep clean. To do so, you will need to open the shower head by removing the screws on its side. This will allow you to see the inside, which will likely be coated with grime. This is where the WD-40 comes in. 

Spray the lubricant liberally inside the plate and allow the formula to penetrate the buildup. This will help soften and detach the grime. Then, take a soft bristle brush and scrub the plate, paying special attention to the outlet holes. If you have stubborn spots, you can spray them with more WD-40 and switch to a hard bristle denture brush, which is smaller in size and allows you to get into smaller crevices. Once done, screw the plate back onto the showerhead, and enjoy your freshly restored water pressure.

Caveats to keep in mind

Since WD-40 is a lubricant and degreaser, you want to make sure you rinse off the shower head thoroughly before screwing it back together. You can do so by cleaning it with soap and warm water, ensuring no leftover residue remains. This is an important step since your skin can experience irritation and turn raw and itchy when it comes into contact with the formula. This is particularly dangerous in the shower, where a great deal amount of skin is exposed. You also don't want to risk falling on an oily surface.

Secondly, this hack might not work if your shower head is clogged due to mineral buildup caused by hard water. This creates a thick white coating known as limescale, which forms over the small holes that let the water through. As it clogs the holes, less water can come out, creating a weak trickle. You need an acidic substance to break down and remove mineral deposits, but WD-40 is acid-free. While the formula is a secret, its lack of acid means it most likely is alkaline, so it won't be very effective at chipping away at minerals. Instead, you're better off soaking the shower head in vinegar for several hours.