The Best Way To Hide Your Home Security Alarm For A Safer Home

We care about our homes from both a safety and an aesthetic point of view. We want to create an environment where we feel protected and can easily fall asleep knowing we have the right home security system in place to alert us to any issues. At the same time, the DIY home decorator that lives inside all of us loves a satisfying and creative project. If your house has a home alarm system with an obvious panel on the wall, that could be not only a safety concern (as anyone could access your alarm system), but could also take away from the beauty of your space. To fix both of those problems at the same time, craftily cover your security alarm system with a piece of art that you'll attach to the wall with hinges, so it can swing open.

You don't need any strangers who come into your home, including repairmen, renovators, or neighbors, to see your security panel. Also, in the unfortunate case of a burglar entering your house, the first thing they'll try to do is disable the alarm, but that's harder to do if they can't find it. And, while a panel is highly practical and important, to be frank, it's also pretty unattractive. As long as it's easy to open and your access to the panel is free and clear, there's no harm in covering it with a beautiful piece of art.

Choosing the right type of artwork

Because the alarm panel is the brains of the whole security operation and the place from which you can arm or disarm any related devices, you want to make sure it's fully accessible while remaining hidden. For that reason, the best type of covering for a panel is either a canvas painting or a framed print. We don't recommend using a textile or any other object, as this would be more difficult to move out of the way when accessing the alarm system. Instead, the artwork needs to be mounted on a thick wooden frame to which you'll add hinges that make it easy to open and close when needed. Instead of hanging from a nail, the frame will open to the left, to the right, or upwards, though gravity will remind you that's the least-convenient option.

These days, the best security systems have been updated with remote access. That means you should be able to lock all your doors and windows from miles away using a phone app. However, even if this is the case for your security system, you still want to make sure you can instantly access the panel the old-fashioned way, which is why this hack is a great solution. Also keep in mind that, to truly hide your security system, the piece of art will need to look like it belongs. Therefore, if your alarm system is on a large surface, you may want to create a gallery wall.

How to create art that hides your alarm panel

To cover your security system with art, get a couple of flat hinges, like the two-pack of Satin Brass Hinges from Home Depot that cost under $3. Note how far the panel protrudes — if you need more room to adequately cover it, screw the hinges into two spacers, as illustrated. These can be purchased at any hardware store. Once you've also gathered a pencil, an electric screwdriver, a level, and your piece of art, you're ready to install your artwork over your security panel. For a couple ideas about where to get prints made, check out Canvas On Demand (a 9 by 12-inch mounted canvas print is about $23) and Level Frames (an 11.5 x 13-inch framed print can cost just $79).

Whether you're installing a framed photo or art on a canvas, they're both mounted on wood frames. Position each hinge a couple of inches from the top and bottom of one side of the frame — the left is typically the best choice. Using an electric screwdriver, install the screws onto the frame. With the help of a friend who can hold the picture for you, mark in pencil on the wall where to screw in the hinges or where to position the spacers. Use a level to make sure the picture hangs straight. Attach the hinges or the spacers to the wall, then "close" the picture to hide the system.