This DIY Pinecone Ball Adds Rustic Charm To Your Christmas Decorated Home

Everyone knows the role hanging mistletoe plays during the holiday season. However, the berried parasitic evergreen isn't the only hanging foliage that can welcome your guests with love and peace during this time of year. If mistletoe isn't particularly accessible to you, don't worry. You can craft rustic DIY décor with a pinecone ball to hang from your holiday doorway this year instead. Start by gathering up some pinecones, or buying some artificial cones if you don't have access to a pine tree.

You'll also need a foam craft ball, wire, wire cutters, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, artificial berries and greenery, and twine or ribbon. You can currently snag an eight-inch foam craft ball , 12-gauge aluminum wire, and a full-size glue gun with 12 sticks for under $50 on Amazon. If you'd like to add a snowy effect, you'll need some faux snow or just school glue and white glitter. Check your local Dollar Tree store for artificial pinecones, berries, and greenery for the ultimate in budget crafting. Once you've gathered your supplies, it's time to assemble your holiday pinecone ball. 

How to assemble a rustic DIY pinecone ball

The first step to create your rustic holiday pinecone ball is to push a piece of wire through the center of the foam craft ball. Fashion each end into a small loop, cutting off any excess with your wire cutters. Alternatively, you can simply glue each end of a loop of ribbon or twine to the ball, as demonstrated by Hometalk on TikTok. Then, it's time to attach your pinecones. Use your hot glue gun to evenly distribute the pinecones around the surface of the foam ball. Whenever possible, adhere the pinecones to both the ball and each other for extra hold.

Once the foam craft ball is covered in pinecones, start examining it for gaps. Cover any large gaps with more pinecones and cover any small gaps between cones with clumps of artificial greenery and/or berries. When the entire surface of the ball is covered to your liking, tie a length of twine or ribbon through the ball's top wire loop, if using the wire method. This will enable you to hang your rustic holiday pinecone ball from the ceiling or a doorframe. 

How to decorate with a rustic DIY pinecone ball

Traditionally, mistletoe and other foliage is hung in a doorway. However, there is nothing stopping you from hanging your holiday ball wherever you'd like. You could hang it above your holiday dinner table, or instance. Or, hang it just above the top of your Christmas tree, creating a suspended topper. You could even use half of a foam craft ball instead of a full one and hang your pinecone ball on your front door in place of a holiday wreath.

As far as the process of hanging your pinecone ball goes, all you need is a hook. If you'd prefer a damage-free option, you can currently purchase a 32-pack of removable adhesive hooks for less than $7 on Amazon. Simply hang the hook in your desired location and slip the ball's attached twine or ribbon loop over it. Then, stand back and enjoy the rustic holiday cheer you've created with your own two hands.