Use Cinnamon To Keep Fungus Gnats Out Of Your Home

There is little more annoying than a bevy of gnats in your home. You may get one or two and think they are gone only to find the pesky bugs flying around your face again. However, a little cinnamon can help get rid of gnats that live on your plants by helping reduce fungus.

It's often the case that fungus gnats stem from your window plants. They are attracted to the combination of moisture in the plants and a lighted area, like a windowsill, where plants are often positioned. It's also common to notice fungus gnats in your home when the weather gets cold and you bring plants indoors to prevent them from freezing. 

These gnats thrive on the fungus that can build in pots. Their larvae survive by feeding on plant roots and fungus. For fungus gnats, the more water, the better, so make sure your plants are not being overwatered. Dry soil can actually prevent them from laying their eggs, as they prefer a moist surface. So, it's best to keep the top layers of soil dry, and only water your plants when necessary.

How cinnamon works in the fight against fungus gnats

In an unexpected use of cinnamon around the home, it is believed that the spice has antifungal properties that can help control the growth of fungus on plant roots. These antifungal properties are thought to be due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde, a compound that is responsible for the spice's characteristic flavor and aroma. Cinnamaldehyde has been shown to inhibit the growth of fungal spores by wreaking havoc on their stability and disturbing the integrity of the cell wall.

While scientific evidence suggests that cinnamon has antifungal properties, it is important to note that its effectiveness as a natural pest control method for fungus gnats has not been extensively studied. Though more studies need to be done, many plant experts believe that cinnamon can be an effective natural remedy for controlling fungus gnats simply because it can disrupt their life cycle by killing the fungus that the larvae feed on. 

How to use cinnamon in your home to ward off fungus gnats

To use cinnamon to help control indoor fungus gnats that stem from potted plants, mix a few drops of cinnamon essential oil with water. The solution can be applied directly to the soil or potting mix, or it can be used in a spray bottle to treat leaves of infected plants. If you only have cinnamon powder on hand, mix a small amount of it with water to create a paste, then add it to the soil or potting mix. You can also just sprinkle it directly on the soil. 

It's important to note that while cinnamon can help repel fungus gnats that stem from indoor plants, it may not completely eliminate the problem, especially if you have fruit flies or drain flies. To effectively get rid of those types of gnats, you can use vinegar, bleach, or a drain cleaner. It's also important to eliminate their food sources, such as overripe or rotting food, and to keep your kitchen clean and dry.