The Tiny Change You Can Make To Your Kitchen That'll Make It Look More Expensive

Are you craving giving your kitchen an upgrade, but aren't in the market for any major renovations? One easy tip to refresh your kitchen is to invest in a new faucet, as a beautiful kitchen sink can transform your space if you don't want to commit to a full-on remodel. "The sink and faucet area is one of the most used features in any kitchen and is often regarded as the room's centerpiece. Upgrading your kitchen faucet is an easy, visually appealing and highly functional way to give your room a fast design refresh," Caroline Danielson, director of showrooms for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, told Architectural Digest.

Think of it like this: Let's say your entire kitchen is your outfit, then the faucet is an accessory. You may not have the time, money, or patience to invest in a completely new wardrobe; however, you can probably afford to purchase a new, more stylish accessory to improve and up-level your ensemble. The fresh faucet will provide a similar effect to your kitchen, and will totally elevate the space.

Proof that a new faucet is the perfect kitchen upgrade

While a new faucet might seem subtle compared to more drastic kitchen changes, that tiny upgrade can still cause jaws to drop. "Choosing a new kitchen faucet may sound like a mundane job, but it's one purchase that can make all the difference. The modern era's spouts are designed to make life easier and look good while doing it," interior designer Julia Dempster told Food & Wine.

You can even find TikTok users flaunting their kitchen faucet before-and-afters. For example, TikToker @livingthissmitadventure showed the swap from a basic, low-hanging silver faucet to a taller, sleek black faucet with a more contemporary design. That one change made the kitchen look much more modern, stylish, and cohesive with the black dining table in the background. 

TikToker @nataliemarceta also shared a video about the topic, revealing a grand-looking gold faucet and captioning the post, "Don't neglect hardware! It can make a huge difference in a space." Though these examples, it becomes glaringly obvious that even just a faucet can be a big statement-maker. 

Chic kitchen faucets to consider

There are some factors you should think about before you choose the perfect kitchen faucet. For instance, most kitchen faucets come in chrome, stainless steel, gold, or black, so you should determine which of those options would look best with your kitchen's design, furniture, and overall vibe. One highly-rated faucet that comes in a variety of finishes is the Glacier Bay McKenna Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet, available at Home Depot in four finish options starting at just $78.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and is willing to pay a little extra for a helpful and super-modern feature should consider a touchless faucet. "Touchless faucets are designed to be easy to use, maintain, and reliable," Lonnie Thomas, who founded Mr. Kitchen Faucets, told Better Homes & Gardens. One beloved touchless faucet option is the Kraus Bolden Single Handle Pull-down Touchless Kitchen Faucet. The sensor-featuring faucet starts at about $250 at Lowe's and comes in six finish options.