TikTok's Dryer Sheet Hack Will Make Your Bed Smell Fresh All The Time

Even if you wash your bedding materials regularly, you may find you want that sparkling fresh fragrance to last long after you've taken them out of the washing machine. Thankfully, one user who goes by the name @anna_louisa_at_home on TikTok shows how inserting a single, scented dryer sheet into your decorative pillows on your bed can work wonders for adding an aroma boost. This is ideal if you want to prolong the effect of fresh bedding in your bedroom, or even to make the rest of your house smell incredible — either way, it works pretty well. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the effectiveness of this hack is purely anecdotal rather than recommended or scientifically proven by experts and may not work the same for everyone — yourself included.

If you do want to try it, you may find it useful to use in one or multiple bedrooms at a time, which is perfect if you haven't yet had time for a spring clean around your home, but want it to be — and smell — presentable. You could even use this if you have potential buyers looking to view your home too, with specific aromas helping to give a good impression. All you'll need are some dryer sheets and you're ready to put this hack to work.

Slip it into your pillowcase

When it comes to this TikTok hack, simply grab one scented dryer sheet, and slip it underneath your pillowcase or cushion before closing it back up. You can always add an extra one if necessary, but one should be ample enough. As a result, you should find that your bedroom begins to consistently smell better without you having to spray any extra products around. Though dryer sheets are deemed safe to use for their original purpose, just be careful if you have any allergies or are prone to migraines, as they may be triggering of those things. 

The reason this hack works well is that the scent slowly diffuses from the sheet while remaining out of sight under your pillow, making it a great option to use in other rooms aside from your bedroom, such as an office, living room, or kitchen area. Although you may find this method effective, there are no scientific studies on this hack, so use it at your own risk. It's also best to avoid putting your head directly on the spot where the dryer sheet is located, so as not to breathe it in too much. If you'd prefer to keep your bedroom smelling fresher naturally, you could try opening your windows often, using an air purifier, or adding plants. Also, remember this hack is not a substitute for regularly washing your bedding.