What It Means If You See A Home With A Pink Porch Light

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You'll benefit from learning the meaning behind different porch light colors if you want to learn more about your neighbors. For instance, you should pay attention to whether anyone on your block has a pink porch light, as pink has a deeper meaning than you may assume. When you first see a pink porch light — or even a pink pumpkin — do you just think that the person likes a girly aesthetic or is obsessed with Barbie? Because pink decorations tend to have significantly more profound symbolism than those surface-level stereotypes.

According to Just A Homeowner, exhibiting a pink porch light is a way to show recognition for breast cancer and make it evident that the issue means a lot to you. So, if one of your neighbors has a pink light on their porch, they likely care deeply about breast cancer awareness and may even have experienced it or are currently going through it.

Pink empowers breast cancer victims and survivors

It should not surprise anyone knowledgeable about breast cancer that a pink porch light signifies awareness of the disease. Pink is typically associated with breast cancer awareness, so it only makes sense that shining the hue on your porch is a way to draw attention to the topic. "To me, the history of the pink ribbon is an incredible testament to how people have united over the years to impact real change ... a promise and a vision to end breast cancer for good as a unified community," Paula Schneider, president and CEO of Susan G. Komen, told Today.

Remember that every year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place in October, per the American Association for Cancer Research. So, if you see more pink porch lights in that one month than you do during the rest of the year, it's likely because people are showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Moreover, if you're interested in demonstrating your support for the topic, October is an excellent time to debut a pink porch light.

Tips for trying the pink porch light look

If you want to show support for breast cancer awareness and light your porch up in pink, think about how you want to do so. One way to give your house's exterior that pink glow is to put a pink light blub in your existing porch light, such as the Feit A19 E26 (Medium) Filament LED Bulb Pink 30 Watt Equivalence 1 pk, available for $5.99 at ACE Hardware.

Anyone looking for something more unique or creative than the classic pink light bulb should consider using the Afirst Mosaic Solar Lanterns Outdoor in pink, selling for $19.99 on Amazon. The lantern features a glamorous pink mosaic design, and even if you don't want to hang it, you can just let it sit on your porch to show that you care about breast cancer awareness.

One more way to add some pink lighting to your home's exterior is to purchase pink string lights, like the Stoller Outdoor 50 — Bulb 16" Battery Powered LED Fairy String Light by The Holiday Aisle®, available for $14.99 at Wayfair. Once your chosen form of pink porch lighting is up and ready, consider taking your support further with a few pink porch decorations, such as pink pillows or even furniture.