Don't Replace Your Headboard: Here's The Secret To Making Your Current One Look New

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Do you want to elevate a simple headboard? Let's say your current headboard is starting to look a bit used. Or, you want to change the color. Or do you want to go from minimalistic to a statement headboard accent piece? If that's how you feel, don't jump to throwing out your headboard and buying a new one, since you can expect to spend between $150 and over $ 1,000 on a new headboard. Instead of spending all that money — there's a more affordable and convenient alternative: headboard wraps or covers. 

TikTok user @styledneatly posted a video wrapping a dull headboard with a chicer-looking off-white cover. While the video was only six seconds, many viewers were blown away, commenting, "Omg where can I get one," "Well this is a game changer," and "I'm so happy about this!!!" In addition to adding a stylish new detail to your bedroom, the headboard cover will protect the headboard from wear and tear, potentially saving you money in the long term. Wouldn't you rather have to clean a stained headboard cover than the actual expensive headboard? Thus, there's no reason to spend time and money on a new headboard when you can just use stylish headboard covers to update your existing one anytime you want to change it up instead.

Applying and buying headboard wraps

Luckily for anyone who wants to experiment with headboard covers, these items are easy to apply. As you can see in this video by @belledorm, all you have to do to put on the cover is place it over the headboard like a fitted sheet. These products are accessible, so you won't have to visit luxury stores to purchase as many as you want. For instance, you can find some at Walmart, such as the Ybeauty Thicken High Elastic Bed Head Cover All-inclusive Dust-proof Polyester Headboard Slipcover Household Supplies. The item is available for only $11.96 for the smallest size and $27.82 for the largest option, comes in various colors — such as green, dark gray, and yellow — and has 4.8 out of five stars.

Another option is the Easy-Going Stretch Bed Headboard Slipcover. The Amazon's Choice item comes in various color and neutral options, including cream, camel, and wine. The smallest and most inexpensive size is twin, selling for $22.99, while the largest and priciest choice is king-sized, with a price tag of $34.59. The headboard cover has 4.6 stars with nearly 1,500 ratings. But before you purchase any reasonably-priced headboard cover, remember, like any other bed-related product, most headboard wraps aren't one-size-fits-all. So, it's important to carefully measure your headboard and only buy a cover if the dimensions will successfully fit your headboard.