Take Your Closet Storage To New Heights With This Genius And Affordable Dollar Tree Hack

While storage bins are a great way to tuck things neatly away in your home, it can be particularly challenging at times to stack them on top of one another without them falling over. To solve this pesky problem, you could instead implement a simple Dollar Tree hack by @BargainBethany to help stack your storage bins more easily and expand your closet storage so you can store all your items worry-free. All you have to do is stack your containers in a very specific way using a plastic tray, and the job should be done — what more could you ask for?

As all the items for this hack are from Dollar Tree, it shouldn't be too costly, making it a very affordable option if you're on a budget and want to increase the amount of storage in your home. Simply grab a plastic locker bin for $1.25 and a clear rectangular plastic tray for the same price from your local Dollar Tree, and get ready to go! It's also an incredibly flexible solution, meaning that you can use it anywhere — not just in your closet — which is all thanks to the design of the products you'll be using. Without them, you'd find it much more difficult to fit as much in your storage space.

Slide them on top of one another

Once you're armed with your Dollar Tree products, simply open them up and add your items inside, whether it be clothes, food, books, or any other miscellaneous items that need storing. When you finish filling them up, take your plastic tray and slide it on top of your first box before sliding the next box on top and repeating the process inside the area you want to store it, whether it be your closet, a kitchen cabinet, a corner of your home, your loft, or under your counter space. In fact, you could even try using slightly bigger storage bins from Dollar Tree for $3, which come with their own lids and would be more suitable for a larger space such as a walk-in wardrobe or an empty closet.

This hack works well because the tray slots under the bottom of your containers to create a snug fit so they stack together nicely, making it easy to access what's inside (but this also means you'll have to remove each box every time you want something). To level up this hack even more, you could install some shelves between each box to streamline things, making it much easier to slide them in and out without having to de-stack them every time you want something from lower down, which will make your storage very convenient and easy to use. This option could be more suitable if you use your storage boxes often.