The TikTok Newspaper DIY That Will Add Easy Custom Art To Your Wall

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If you're a design junkie and love DIY projects, then custom-made art packs a lot of appeal. You're guaranteed that no one else on the planet will have it, and sometimes, it can be super inexpensive or fun to create. This TikTok DIY involves rolling up sheets of newspaper into slender cylinders, coloring them, and bending them into letters or any other designs. Then, you'll hang your wall art (possibly with these clear Command Hooks from Target for $8) as an utterly unique piece.

Aside from full-size sheets of newspaper, you'll need long dowel rods, dye in the color of your choice, a container, a sponge, and multipurpose glue — all available at your local craft store. Any long stick will do in place of a dowel rod — you need a tool to help you roll the paper into neat, symmetrical tubes. You may not have to buy anything. Instead, use a long piece of smooth tubing about half the diameter of a pencil in place of a stick. As for what to make, you can bend these paper tubes into letters, geometrical shapes, or symbols that are meaningful to you, like a house or a cat.

Step-by-step newspaper art DIY

Use a stick as a guide to roll each newspaper sheet, one at a time, from one corner to the opposite corner. Glue the newspaper corner to the tube at one end, remove the stick, then glue the other end to itself so it doesn't unroll. Once you've assembled as many tubes as you need — prepare your dye. Dip your work sponge in the dye and pat it onto your newspaper tubes. Once dry, bend them into your design, glue any pieces together that require it, and mount them on the wall. 

For alternative looks, you could also cover the cylinders with glitter glue, which you can purchase at Walgreens for $6. Also, consider threading some fishing wire through the bottom of your design and adding colorful beads, creating a kind of fringe. And if you or someone you know is expecting, turn this project into a hanging mobile for the baby's crib. With Rit dye (Target), long bamboo dowel rods (Michaels), Elmer's glue (Amazon), a newspaper, a sponge, and your imagination, this project costs about $35. Light up your wall art, and ta-da, all done!