The Gorgeous Outdoor Feature That Will Send Rodents Running From Your Yard

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Many homeowners know the struggle of having their beautiful lawns invaded by rodents. Are you looking for more humane ways to keep critters out of your yard? Believe it or not, wind chimes may work as a temporary solution to your mild rodent problem. Pest control experts say the sound of wind chimes can frighten rodents, making them want to leave your yard. So if you're lucky, just adding some wind chimes outside your home might eliminate your unwanted guest issue without having to resort to professional help or traps for the time being. The chimes might also be enough to discourage deer from snooping around your flowers.

However, if the rats or other rodents continue to show up in your yard and appear unbothered by the wind chimes, you should call a professional. Moreover, if any rats make their way inside your home, you must not hesitate to contact a professional; it's crucial to nip the issue in the bud instantly and save your home's interior. But if there are no signs of that happening yet, it can't hurt to try the wind chimes method first and see if it proves to be a natural repellent that works for your yard.

More benefits of wind chimes

Not only can wind chimes help you prevent pests, but wind chimes are also beautiful to look at. Plus, the soothing sounds of wind chimes may help you unwind, distracting you from stressful emotions. Wind chimes additionally provide benefits related to feng shui. TikToker @honeylunehivery, a holistic designer and home coach with over 160,000 followers, posted a video explaining that having wind chimes in your yard will invite good energy into your home and inspire a positive first impression for guests. Although be careful which yard you put them in, as some associate wind chimes in front of your home with an advertisement that swingers live there.

If you have or babysit children, wind chimes can be an excellent source of entertainment for them. TikToker @zenlorenn shared an adorable video showing her child touching, licking, and playing with colorful wind chimes. The TikToker noted the warning: "Please note that the beads attached definitely are a choking hazard so supervised playtime with these are advised," as well as some positive reasons why you should buy wind chimes for your kids, including that they "stimulate the senses" and "promote interaction & communication." So if you have kids, besides helping to prevent rats from interfering with and potentially scaring your children in your yard, the wind chimes can help your kids have fun outside.

There are many wind chimes to explore

Wind chimes are super accessible, as there are many designs to choose from. So in addition to the practical reason of using them to frighten rodents, look for wind chimes that will complement your home's aesthetic or reflect your style and personality. For example, if you love effeminate vibes and adore the color pink, check out the CraftCurl Store Shells Wind Chime in pink, available for $39.99 on Amazon with 4.3 out of five stars and over 100 ratings.

If you want sleek, elegant-looking wind chimes, consider the SuninYo Wind Chimes for Outside on Amazon. The Amazon's Choice golden wind chimes are 36 inches and made of aluminum. They have 4.7 stars with nearly 4,000 ratings. Or if you want a playfully colorful option, look into the Woodstock Wind Chimes Asli Arts® Collection, Capiz Waterfall, 40” Wind Chime in multicolor, selling for $33.99 at Target. These wind chimes feature purple, yellow, pink, green, and blue. A pleased customer gave them five stars, writing, "The length is what I was wanting, the color is what I was searching for and the sound produced is loud enough to draw attention yet soothing and soft. It appears to be well made. Love it!!" Nobody ever said you couldn't scare off rodents while also embellishing your yard.