These Geode Countertops Are A Work Of Art For Your House

Glamorous new countertops are excellent investments for your home. Plus, there are many luxurious options! Of course, most people know about granite and quartz countertops, but have you ever heard of geode countertops? These precious stone and gemstone countertops are more like art than just tops for your counters.

TikToker Matthew Fennimore — who works in the countertop industry — posted a video showing a beautiful example. The countertop-loving TikTok user explained that options made of individual geodes and precious stones are carefully crafted with the help of an epoxy resin. He also noted that it's possible to backlight geode countertops since they're translucent, making them well-liked options for showers, luxury bars, and kitchen islands.

Thus, anyone who wants to add an artistic, statement-making touch to their home should consider investing in geode countertops to create a deluxe, unique, and potentially moody atmosphere. Think of it like investing in art for your counters rather than your walls!

What to know before committing to geode countertops

Before shopping for geode countertops, be aware that the investment is one of the more expensive countertops to put in your kitchen. Each square foot of the geode countertops will likely cost a minimum of $100. Also, regarding getting it installed, you'll have to find an expert who is comfortable working with the material, resulting in you paying more than you would for someone to put in a more common countertop option. But despite those high prices, geode countertops aren't rip-offs. defines "geode" as: "a hollow concretionary or nodular stone often lined with crystals," so it only makes sense for something so precious to have such high prices. Still, before putting yourself in a position where you fall in love with a geode countertop, you should double-check your bank account and ask yourself if you can realistically afford the investment.

Besides the glamour and intrigue of having geode on your countertops, another benefit is that they shouldn't cause any issues regarding cleaning, making these countertops convenient in terms of maintenance.  There's nothing more frustrating than constantly having to clean basic, cheap white countertops, so investing in luxurious geode looks should help you prevent stains and other issues.

Beautiful geode countertop examples

If you have the money to invest in geode countertops and need more convincing to splurge on the luxurious upgrade, social media has many stunning examples of these artistic countertops. For example, @ArtistTillDeath shared a TikTok showing the update from a more traditional glossy brown countertop that appeared to be granite to a louder, bolder, and more dramatic geode countertop featuring an intense bright blue and black design. While commenters had mixed feedback regarding the transformation's final colors and design, the client in the video couldn't look any happier with the results.

On the other hand, @SiViTa Art uploaded a TikTok of a stunning, shimmery black and gray geode countertop that would work with most kitchens, and commenters adored it. Another user, Mitch Quist, even posted a video showing 3D epoxy geode with many purple touches, and the crystals looked incredibly eye-catching. You can also find some lovely examples of geode countertops under #geodecountertops on Instagram, whether you prefer sleek black and white, bold red designs, or splashes of sparkle.