DIY Garbage Disposal Bombs For A Naturally Fresh-Smelling Kitchen

Imagine you've just prepared a masterful culinary concoction. Your kitchen is spotless, apart from a lingering, unpleasant odor. You've already ruled out the fridge or trash can as the culprits. Surprise, surprise, the villain is your hardworking garbage disposal. Decaying food waste can turn that once innocuous kitchen gadget into a stink box, and if left unchecked, the stench can creep further, making your home less than inviting. But why let your nostrils suffer further when you can combat those funky smells with DIY garbage disposal bombs? Blending baking soda, citric acid, and essential oil, these mini miracles work as odor busters that obliterate that awful stench, leaving your kitchen with a wonderfully fresh aroma.

Somewhat explosive but indeed harmless, DIY garbage disposal cleaning bombs pack a small but mighty punch. Making homemade cleaning bombs is remarkably satisfying. More so when you consider the sheer ease, affordability, and eco-friendly virtue of using everyday items around your kitchen.

How to make DIY garbage disposal deodorizing bombs

Armed with baking soda, citric acid, essential oil, silicone ice cube trays, a spray bottle, and an airtight storage container, you're about to take the plight out of your garbage disposal cleaning. Don your gloves for protection if desired and let's dive into the natural chemistry. Kick things off by mixing a ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of citric acid in a bowl. Stir the mixture until it reaches a seamless consistency, add 20 drops of your chosen scent, and then dive in with the stirring again. 

Next, spritz water into the aromatic mix using a spray bottle and stir continuously. You aim to attain a sandy castle-making consistency — not too dry to fall apart, not too wet to trigger a "fizz-plosion," either. This ideal consistency is your cue to spoon the mixture into your silicone ice cube tray or molds, pressing down to form what will soon become your heroic little cleaning bombs. After a night's rest and solid drying, the DIY garbage disposal cleaning bombs can be freed from their silicone confines and stored in a cool, secure, airtight container. To refresh up your garbage disposal, simply drop a couple of these bombs followed by a splash of water. In about a minute, switch on the garbage disposal, and voila — a refreshingly clean and aromatic disposal unit awaits you.

Caveats for homemade garbage disposal bombs

When it comes to alternative methods for preparing your garbage disposal bombs, perhaps you'll be relieved to learn that silicone ice cube trays aren't a must-have. The hands or cookie spoon that bring forth your culinary victories can also mold the mixture into usable balls.

While your kitchen may smell like a fragrant flower field, bear in mind that essential oils can harm your cat or dog (per ASPCA). A delightful aromatic alternative without the toxic beat is 20 drops of juice squeezed from a fresh orange or lemon. Should you accidentally add excess water, just sprinkle in more baking soda until you wrangle that mixture back to the desired consistency. But how often should you use homemade garbage disposal bombs? Well, incorporate them into your kitchen routine every few days or whenever you notice a funky odor from your unit.

Remember, cold water is your friend when grinding food waste. It solidifies oils from the start, ensuring easy grinding and safe disposal. Consider grinding ice, too — it's a secret judo move for unclogging your garbage disposal. Frequent bouts of cleaning will keep food waste from accumulating, working wonders for your disposal's efficiency, besides preventing foul odors from resurfacing.