Why Hilary Farr Says The Kitchen Island Shouldn't Be The Star Of Your Space

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This expert opinion might come as a surprise, but regarding kitchen islands, Hillary Farr doesn't believe these pieces should be too statement-making. "So your island is your canvas... You will set it up when you're having people sitting around it with plates and settings and napkins and flowers and pots and whatever you like that are every color of the rainbow. That's what that is. It is not the star of the show," the HGTV star said, per Realtor.com. Thus, it can be better to let your kitchen island double as a functioning dining table, dressing it up for when people use it than to treat the island like a work of art or decoration itself. 

So, instead of spending on elaborate and expensive countertops for the island, consider saving money, opting for more minimalistic countertops, and alternatively focus on styling the island for various occasions. By choosing to accessorize rather than commit to fancy countertops, you'll give yourself more opportunities to get creative and have fun with decorating!

Tips for styling your kitchen island

While it's super fun to embellish a minimalist island, remember not to go overboard with the accessories. Overdoing it can make the island look out of place, overwhelming, or even sloppy, so be careful. "It's all too easy for an island to end up as somewhat of a dumping ground, so I'd say in a way less is more, ensuring its clutter-free... I love decorating with flowers, especially something tall to give some height, and bowls of fruit and vegetables. A lamp can also be an excellent addition and provide extra light," Kate Guinness, a designer, told Homes and Gardens.

So, if you want to follow Hilary Farr and Guinness' advice, be strategic and intentional about what you want to put on your island. For instance, EZLivingFurniture posted a TikTok video demonstrating how instead of placing random cleaning products, books, and pens on your island, you should try decorating it with a vase and floral details on a decorative tray. These elegant items can add intriguing charm to your island without making it appear too bold.

Try using these products to romanticize your kitchen island

If you follow Hilary Farr's guidance — avoiding showy countertops on your kitchen island — you should invest some of the money you'd be saving on that feature in accessories and decorations instead. Again, it's a good idea to start with a decorative tray, such as the Wood and Metal Tray — Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, available for $29.99 at Target. The round tray has 4.7 out of five stars with over 400 ratings, and you can even find lovely images of how customers styled it on their kitchen islands on the website.

Next, you might want to invest in a classy vase or vases, such as the Sullivans Set 3 Small Ceramic Vases 3"H, 4"H & 5"H, also selling for $29.99 at Target, giving you the choice of displaying whichever one of the three vases you vibe with at the moment — or more than one. The vases have 4.3 stars. Moreover, if you also want to add a stylish lamp as Kate Guinness suggested, it can't hurt to find a timeless-looking sleek option, such as the Simple Designs Mini Bocksbeutal Concrete Table Lamp, Off White, available for $19.99 from Walmart with 4.5 stars. Accessories like this can transform your kitchen island from a basic "canvas" to a chic conversation starter.