Maximize Your Mudroom's Shoe-Storage Potential With This IKEA PAX Hack

While having plenty of shoes can be beneficial when it comes to styling options, it's not so great when you run out of storage or struggle to find room for them. However, rather than stuffing them into any random nook and cranny you find in your home, you could instead implement this very nifty IKEA PAX hack by @themamasco on TikTok to create an almost endless amount of storage for your mudroom or porch area, which will make finding extra space for any footwear much easier. In fact, you can even incorporate this idea into any room around your home, such as a bedroom or closet room, which are some more common areas to pack away your clothing items. Even better, you should be able to customize this trick to suit your family's precise needs, adding extra or fewer shelves as needed to organize all of your shoes

All you'll need is a PAX wardrobe frame for $160 in the size of your choice from IKEA, ensuring that you measure beforehand so that it fits your space, and some KOMPLEMENT pull-out trays for $40 each from IKEA, alongside a ladder, a drill, and screws. If you want, rather than using trays, you could also consider using a mesh basket for $25 or some glass trays for a more high-end look for $40 — the way you style it will be up to you.

Install your PAX wardrobe system

To begin, take each wardrobe section, whether that's one or several, and install them in your desired location using your drill and screws before adding your drawers of choice. If you have taller items such as boots or wellies, try leaving a bit of space between the drawers so your shoes fit correctly and you don't struggle to put them away. Once they're all in place, simply slip your shoes onto your drawers or shelves and store them away until their next use. Other interiors, such as the clothes rail from IKEA, may also give you the option to store other outdoor items, such as coats, alongside your shoes, making it efficient and accessible for all your family to use.

The reason why this hack works so well is because the height of the unit reaches your ceiling, meaning you can maximize storage space and stow away plenty of footwear in there compared to a "normal" shoe rack, which is typically much smaller and won't cater to as many items in comparison. You could even have units that span across your entire wall in your mudroom if you wanted to, or install some LED lights or paint the PAX to suit your interior, for example, in blue or black. Likewise, for protection against pesky pets, add some GRIMO doors from IKEA for $70, which will help prevent any rogue shoes from appearing around your abode.