This Ingredient Might Be The Key To Getting Rid Of Funky Smells In Your Laundry

If you've ever done a load of laundry only to take it out of the wash and have it smell, well, not so fresh, you know how frustrating it can be. If even after a double wash and incorporating a plethora of laundry hacks you still can't get the funky smell to subside, you may want to consider a new product. That's where OdoBan comes in. This product, which is marketed as a fabric softener alternative, claims it can eliminate odors from your laundry by simply adding it to your washing machine before a wash.

OdoBan as a company has a ton of products, from carpet powder to pet stain removers, but the laundry disinfectant is their original creation. When used in laundry, their special formula can disinfect and eliminate odors. Moreover, it can also be used to clean the inside of your car, disinfect almost any corner of your home, and for mopping. So is OdoBan really worth the hype?

How to use OdoBan correctly

While there is seemingly no downside to using OdoBan, the one caveat to the product is that it needs to be used correctly. Luckily, the brand took to TikTok to explain exactly what to do and the steps are quite easy. After loading your washer with your smelly clothes and laundry, add one cup of disinfectant to the fabric softener section of your washing machine. Add your detergent as you normally would and simply run your wash. Pay attention to it, though, because they recommend immediately transferring your clothes to the dryer as it finishes and not letting it sit.

If your machine does not have separate dispensers for detergent, simply add the OdoBan to the final rinse cycle instead. Just avoid mixing it with your detergent, because, as one TikTok commenter said, this can cause the product to cut and not work as described. The disinfectant comes in a few different scents, like lavender and citrus. OdoBan recommends their fresh linen scent when used for laundry, but no matter what scent you choose, you can pretty much guarantee fresher-smelling clothes from now on.

Is OdoBan really the key to smelling fresh?

If you're weary about adding yet another item to your washing machine, let the reviews for OdoBan speak for themselves. After posting a video of their products on TikTok, commenters were quick to express their love for the brand. If you're still not convinced, consider the fact that their disinfectant has 5 full stars on Home Depot, where you can purchase the product for under $10. 

"I use this odor eliminator in my washing machine to freshen and kill odors on my work clothes. I do not need fabric softener or scented dryer sheets to have my clothing smell clean and fresh. 5 Stars," said one Home Depot buyer. Another agreed saying "You can use it in your laundry to eliminate the odors that sometimes detergent doesn't get. Since we have pets this has been nice to throw in the laundry for that extra cleaning. It is easy to use. I would definitely recommend to anyone that is wanting a little extra clean with their laundry." Plus, at HouseDigest, we've recommended OdoBan as well, crowning it one of the best odor eliminators for a fresh-smelling home.