Customize Your Closet Storage With A TikTok-Approved Dollar Tree Container Hack

Closets are one of those areas in our homes that tend to get crowded and disorganized, no matter how much actual space is available. This is particularly true for drawers, which typically offer no organizational options other than multiple drawers for storing different types of garments. The trouble with this method is that the clothes that are frequently stored in drawers contain subtypes that tend to end up mixed together in a drawer. This can make finding the particular garment or type of garment you're looking for an exercise in frustration.

Fortunately, household hack machine TikTok has shared a way to add customized storage solutions to your closet drawers using inexpensive Dollar Tree felt organizers. These organizers are flexible, so they'll fit just about any drawer. With various pockets, they make it easy to store numerous items. They're a perfect organizational tool for different drawer sizes and garment types.

Organize your clothing drawers with Dollar Tree felt organizers

Before you head to your local store to implement this Dollar Tree hack to pick up your own felt organizers, you'll want to make an organizational plan. Decide which type of garments belong in each one of your drawers and then divide that type into subtypes. For example, if you have one drawer in your closet dedicated to shirts, you might divide those shirts into short-sleeved tees, long-sleeved tees, and tanks. If you have a drawer where undergarments belong, those undergarments might be divided into subtypes like panties, bras, and socks. Also, this organizational hack works for closet drawers as well as dresser drawers outside of closets.

Measure your drawers and then decide how you want to divide the space within each drawer. When storing shirts, for instance, you may want two or three containers of the same size that fit inside the drawer. When organizing undergarments, you might want one for bras and others for for panties and socks. Place the organizers into your drawers and then fill them to create the neat and functional wardrobe of your dreams.