Add Even More Storage To Your IKEA PAX With TikTok's Genius Upgrade

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If you've taken advantage of pre-made storage solutions in the past, then you'll know how helpful they can be. You might also be aware that they can sometimes be adjusted to suit your specific needs and certain spaces in your home. That's why you might adore this handy storage hack from TikTok user @houseof_db, which will upgrade an IKEA PAX wardrobe along with a LACK piece and turn it into an item that offers you even more storage space. Beyond that, it does so in a super easy and wonderfully savvy way.

Starting with a PAX/BERGSBO that's 93 inches high, @houseof_db added a piece of MDF to the one side that remains exposed to the room. This acts as a base for the LACK shelf that fits nicely on the side of the PAX/BERGSBO. Just attach the LACK securely to the MDF, and you'll end up with a stylish extended storage space. 

An ideal addition to pretty much any room, you could use it as extra pantry shelves in the kitchen or make an incredible spot to display your treasures in the living room. That's not to mention that it could hold books in a home office, baskets of toiletries in a bathroom, or cleaning products in the laundry room. You simply need to decide how to customize this hack for whatever it may be that you need in your home and what you'll need for the task.

What you'll need to complete your IKEA PAX storage hack

Along with a PAX/BERGSBO and LACK shelf that is needed to complete this project, you'll also want to pick up the MDF board that is cut to roughly the same size and shape as the shelving unit or the side of the PAX. Finally, you need something to affix the LACK to the BERGSBO, such as screws and a drill or screwdriver.

Of course, those are the basic tools and supplies. If you want to get even more creative, then you will want to pick up a few more things. For instance, you might also want to do something simple like cover up the MDF board or go even further by customizing your piece. The latter could include grabbing paint if you want to change the color of either the PAX or LACK pieces. You could also add lighting to the bottom of each shelf on the LACK, pop on wood paneling to the edges for a little rustic charm, or include other details that take your new storage space up a notch. Although each step will make your piece more than just a little enviable, you should also be aware of how every choice affects your budget.

How much will this IKEA PAX project cost?

If you have an unlimited budget, then you can get started on this project without any hesitation. However, knowing how much you might need to pay can also be a good idea for those who like to be smart with their money. That's why you will surely want to be aware that the BERGSBO version of the PAX unit from IKEA, which is 93 inches tall and has two doors costs $360. Beyond that, it's good to know that it's 40 inches wide and 40 inches in depth. There's also an option with a little more flair — a white high-gloss version that costs a bit more at $450. Next, you will want to grab your LACK shelf. Each unit costs $119, and while there is a white piece that matches the PAX, it also comes in a black-brown and white stained oak effect. The LACK stands 75 inches tall by 12 inches.

That might be all that you need if you already have a drill and screws laying around. Otherwise, the Black + Decker 20V Max* Powerconnect Cordless Drill Kit is available on Amazon for $69.99, which is also where the M3 Flat Head Wood Screws Assortment Fasteners Kit can be found for $11.99. That's not to mention paint, paneling, or lighting which will also bump your budget up depending on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.