The Affordable Dollar Tree Pot Holder Hack You'll Want To Know For Your Kitchen

Many Dollar Tree hacks are incredibly useful when it comes to organization and functionality around your home. Every once in a while, an attractive gift or décor hack using items that cost just $1.25 each pops up on the internet. Since beauty so often comes with a high price tag in all areas of life, these hacks can feel a little extra special, especially when they can help you put together a gift for a loved one that may not have otherwise been in the budget.

Whether you're looking to gift the joy of a cute kitchen to yourself or to someone else, TikTok has you covered with an adorable Dollar Tree hanging pot holder/stove towel hack posted by Mermaidfans_makings. You'll need one potholder, one matching dish towel, and one large 1 3/8-inch button, along with a sewing needle, thread, and some basic sewing skills. Grab your supplies and get ready to craft your own super cute (and functional) decorative hanging pot holder.

How to make a hanging pot holder

Once you've chosen the perfect pot holder and dish towel pair, fold your towel vertically into thirds. Place your potholder in the middle of the towel with the hanging loop facing up. Use your sewing machine or your needle and thread to sew the towel onto the pot holder using a straight line through the center, horizontally. Next, sew the button onto the top center of the pot holder flap that does not have the hanging loop attached, and your DIY hanging pot holder/kitchen towel is complete.

To use your new kitchen craft, simply wrap the pot holder around your oven's handle or your refrigerator's towel bar and fasten the button using the loop. You now have a cute hanging towel to use for drying your hands or just for decoration. The next time you're serving a hot dish at your dining table, grab your hanging pot holder and spread it open in the center of the table. This will allow it to protect your tabletop from heat damage and serve as a mini runner for dressing up your dining space.