The Affordable File Organizer Hack That'll Keep Your Plastic Storage Container Lids In Order

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Opening your cupboards to a sea of storage container lids is no fun, especially if you often spend time digging around to find the matching duo. However, it doesn't have to be so difficult. Rather than flinging them around in a desperate attempt to find a match, you could instead utilize a file organizer to keep your plastic lids in order, as explained by @organisedhouseboss on TikTok. By arranging them more logically, you should have a much easier time locating the correct items, making the whole process much more efficient. 

Thankfully, this hack is incredibly affordable, making it perfect if you're on a budget. It's also ideal if you have a large amount of container parts piled up high in your cupboards that are becoming completely out of control. Now, you can let your file organizer do all the hard work, and as a result, you should be much more organized.

Find a file organizer for your container lids

For this hack, you'll need to purchase a file organizer, which you can grab from Kmart for about $6. Likewise, you could also select another type to better suit your space or needs, such as a horizontal file holder which comes available in several colors from Amazon. Or, if you have more space, this Simple Houseware file organizer for $24.87 on Amazon, is deeper and comes with several spaces for lots of plastic parts. 

Once you have the right product to suit your requirements, all you need to do is place it into a cupboard or drawer and slip your container lids into place. You do this by brand, by size, or in a random order — it's totally up to you. You also have the option to label each section if it makes it easier to stay organized. You can even purchase an organizer with labels built in, such as this rustic mail option off Amazon for $26.97. As a result, you should be left with a cupboard or drawer that is much more in order compared to before. If you have any space left over, try slotting in other kitchenware, such as pan lids or paper plates. 

It makes packing up leftovers simple

The reason why this hack works so well is because each slot helps to keep your container lids or other items in designated spots, making it difficult for them to slip out of place and move. This makes it much easier to reach and go. However, it may not be a suitable solution if you have a large number of plastic container tops, as there may not be enough space or slots to fit them all in. To work around this, purchase several organizers and line them up in your drawers. Another great option is to attach one to your walls, which would give you easy access. 

If you want to implement an option that's good for the planet, then you could instead use a wooden file organizer, such as this desk sorter for $21.99 on Amazon. While it may be on the pricier side, this is the perfect solution if you're trying to make your kitchen as eco-friendly as possible and want to reduce your plastic usage. Either way, you have plenty of options to suit your needs and functionality. Now, all that's left to do is slot your lids into position and see just how easy it is to use your new system for yourself!