The Two Rooms In Your House HGTV's Hilary Farr Recommends Updating First

It's normal for people to get bored with their homes. However, it's equally common for people to dream of revamping their homes but not have the money to upgrade every aspect of it. On the other hand, some people have the finances to improve their whole house but don't know where to start. If you're in either situation, don't feel discouraged. Rather than just keeping your living space as-is or breaking the bank to give it a makeover with no real starting point, focus on only one or two rooms to improve — at least at first. Anyone who can't decide which two rooms to tackle first in their homes should start with the kitchen or bedroom, according to Hilary Farr of HGTV's "Tough Love with Hilary Farr."

"The kitchen would be an obvious one. If it doesn't function and you have a terrible time trying to produce meals and you certainly don't enjoy the process either, you would tackle that room for sure," Farr told "Or it could be your bedroom ... It should be a place where it gives you calmness and it gives you pleasure." So, rather than spending money on renovations that won't increase the value of your house, focus on refreshing your kitchen and bedroom.

Tips for updating your kitchen

Why not take Hilary Farr's advice and start with the kitchen? Of course, there are different approaches to how you go about refreshing your kitchen, ranging from new wall color to new appliances to new countertops. But, before shopping and hiring for everything you want in your dream kitchen, you can't forget about planning — arguably the most necessary step regarding every kitchen revamp. And, be realistic regarding what you can afford. 

Sometimes, only one inexpensive kitchen upgrade can make all the difference, so never let your budget bring you down. For example, getting rid of any unnecessary hardware or replacing overly bold hardware with more subtle, sleek options can make your kitchen look more chic. "I rarely want to make kitchen hardware a feature, especially if it's open concept, because it becomes distracting," Farr told Apartment Therapy. Instead, use "lean and very linear hardware that will blend in with the cabinetry." 

On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget and want to splurge on a luxury investment, consider treating your kitchen to glamorous countertops, such as granite, marble, or even geode. Also, how do you like the lighting in the kitchen? If you don't love it, take that instinct as a sign that you should upgrade to more attractive and unique lighting. 

Suggestions for refreshing your bedroom

As Hilary Farr said, the bedroom is another crucial room in your home, so it should be a top priority regarding revamps. Don't assume that you need new furniture to refresh your bedroom; new bedding and decor can do the trick. You might be surprised by how different these not-too-expensive changes make your bedroom appear.

Plus, a rug that complements the bedroom can take the entire space to the next level. "A rug doesn't have to be pricey, but for maximum oomph, it must be sizeable and not stingy," said Farr, per HuffPost. So, use smart shopping skills to find an affordable rug that suits your bedroom to add some pizzazz to the room. 

Some more ideas to give your bedroom a budget-friendly makeover include painting an accent wall for a fun contrast, exploring new lamps, and moving around your existing decorations and furniture. Sometimes, repositioning your bed or moving it to the opposite side of the room can make your bedroom feel like a new space. Moreover, consider making it feel unique with wall art. If you have an artistic side, don't be afraid to hang up some of the paintings, drawings, and other work you've created.