Brilliant Ways To Reuse Mesh Produce Bags Around The House

Buying vegetables in bulk almost always leaves you with a plastic mesh bag in tow. The colorful nets house the onions or avocados, and then it is off to the trash they go. Unfortunately, these produce bags are not recyclable, and the majority get sent to landfills. That leaves you to reduce your usage by opting for cotton bags or reusing the plastic mesh you already have to get on the environment's good side. Fortunately, there are several ways you can repurpose these products around the house.

The produce nets might not be the prettiest bag in sight, but they offer excellent airflow, and their abrasive texture comes in handy. Plus, they are malleable, easy to clean, and fold away neatly for compact storage. All their properties make them great for gardening, cleaning, organization, storage, and crafting. You can give the plastic a second life with these eco-friendly hacks for mesh produce bags.

Make a dish scourer

These produce bags can replace your sponge. Just fill one of the mesh sacks with two or three other plastic nets and tie a knot to hold everything in place. Now, you can use it as a DIY pot scrubber to wash your dishes. It will work like a plastic mesh scour you buy at the store, except this homemade one gets you recycling points.

Create potpourri sacks

Potpourri brings a subtle touch of fragrance to every room of your house. It is an old-school way to keep your home smelling fresh, but we're putting a new spin on it with produce bags. The plastic mesh is perfect for storing the dried leaves and flowers, as the open netting allows the scent to pass through. Just add your favorite scented florals and hang them up.

Carry beach toys

There is no escaping the sand on beach day. You wash everything off, but a mountain of grains still follows you home. Packing a few net produce bags can lighten the load of sand you bring back. Use the mesh to pack toys and other goodies. Then, when you're ready to leave the shore, return the items to the bag and shake. The sand slips through the net instead of clumping at the bottom of your tote.

House your yarn balls

Craft lovers can use the mesh as storage for yarn, twine, and other skeins of fabrics. Insert the roll in the bag and thread the string through one of the gaps in the net. You'll be able to use the yarn for your art project without worrying about it tangling or unraveling. You can also store your fabric scraps in the bags for easy cleanup.

Use it as a laundry wash bag

The produce sacks make for imprompt laundry bags to prevent certain items from getting lost or damaged in the washing machine. You can store your intimates and delicate clothes in larger produce bags, while smaller ones are great for children's socks or shoelaces. Just slip your pieces in and knot the end to secure it. Remember, this hack only works on cold water cycles. Hot water can potentially melt the plastic and cause a laundry nightmare.

Store small food items

These colorful nets can give you a leg up on refrigerator organization. Use it to store small items that can get lost in the drawers, like sauce packets, candy, or sticks of butter. The same method applies to freezer storage and pantry organization. It can help you stay on top of your food inventory, so there's less chance of expired food lingering around and bringing odors with it.

Use it to dry herbs

Whether you dry herbs to make seasoning or potpourri, you can use your produce bags to help you do it. The netting allows air to pass through and dry the plants with ease. Add the foliage and hang it in a low to zero-humidity area to dry. You can then leave the dried herbs in the mesh for long-term storage.

Turn it into a vegetable brush

Not only can you scrub your dishes with a ball of mesh, but you can clean your vegetables too. The bag becomes a veggie brush to scour potatoes and eggplant. You can eat the produce skin-on and don't have to worry about soil or germs on your dinner plate. It is also great for cleaning your crops after you've harvested them from the garden.

DIY a flower frog

A flower frog is a device to keep flower stems in place for bouquet arrangements. You can make your very own with the mesh bags. Simply attach the netting over the mouth of your vase or jar with tape and insert the cut flowers through the gaps in the mesh. Once everything is to your liking, trim any excess material. The net will keep the plants standing upright for a dazzling bouquet.

Tie plants to garden stakes

Adding a stake to your garden helps seedlings to stand tall, but sometimes, the stake itself isn't enough. That is where your produce bags come in. You can use them to tie the stems to the stake. The soft plastic material has some stretch to it, so it won't choke your plants. Plus, it is soft enough that it won't cut the stems either.

Pest-proof plants

Another way these bags come in handy in the garden is by protecting your plants from pests. Use a large mesh net or tie multiple together to create a tent big enough to cover your plants. Secure the mesh to the flower pot, and you have a shield for your foliage. The tighter the knit, the better. Tiny pests like white flies and aphidids can still pass through, but larger bugs like beetles don't stand a chance.

Make compost tea

Compost tea might be the secret to a lush, pest-free garden. The concoction is compost steeped in clean water allowing for nutrients to seep into the H2O. Putting the organic matter into the mesh produce bags makes the steeping process easier. There is no need to strain the tea for banana peels. Just remove the compost bag, and it's ready to serve.

Gift wrap presents

Mesh bags are joining the party for eco-friendly gift wrapping, and they are the bow on top — literally. The colorful netting makes for pretty bows to finish off your gift bags and boxes. Bundle it into a ball, and use a twist tie to cinch the middle and create the ribbon loops. You can then add another to create the tails for extra razzle dazzle.

Use it as a bar soap holder

If you have a bar of soap, store it in one of these bags. Slip your soap into the mesh produce bag and secure it with a knot, clip, or rubber band. Then, hang it up in the shower or near the sink. Your bar soap can then dry without the soupy mess or scum of soap dishes. You can use the soap through the mesh, too.

Reuse the produce bag as a produce bag

The most obvious way to reuse these produce bags is to hold your fruit and veggies at the supermarket. Just be careful to open them with a small cut at the top, not creating a large rip, so they can still hold things. Carry them with your reusable totes and store your apples or potatoes while you shop. This way, you can avoid bringing home more plastic nets and save a few from the landfill.