Our Interior Design Expert Says These Front Door Colors Are Set To Dominate In 2024

Many people cultivate a beautiful and relaxing interior that reflects their personality and style. However, you shouldn't pay so much attention to the interior that you forget to give the exterior of your home just as much attention. The exterior of your home marks your visitors' first impression, and the front door, especially, is a place where you can show personality and style. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Artem Kropovinsky, founder & principal designer at Arsight Modern Interior Design Firm in New York City explains, "Selecting a door color should be about your home's personality, not just what's trendy. Coordinate it with the style of your home and its surroundings."

Still, there are shades that many homeowners seem to be flocking to in 2024. Kropovinsky predicts navy blue, sage, and terracotta to be the popular colors in the coming year. These colors seem to be in line with the trend of nature and natural-inspired colors and materials influencing home design. These calming colors still make a statement, which is why experts believe they'll be adorning the front doors of many homes.

Inspired by nature

The larger trend of nature's inspirations seems to inform the upcoming popular shades for front doors. "Warming any apartment, terracotta is the choice for 2024," Artem Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest. "It shines from within in sunny settings." The warm reddish-brown color is a great neutral that adds a coziness and earthiness to any space. It's a great way to add a natural element to the exterior of your home. And, of course, it pairs well with other natural details. "Wood or stone further enhance terracotta's earthy feel," Kropovinsky says. Homes with wood trim or stone exteriors are a great candidate for terracotta front doors. But you can also mimic these materials with colors such as tan and brown if you're looking to paint the home's exterior.

Another nature-inspired color that Kropovinsky expects to see on front doors is sage green. "Sage green will be huge — it's just what you need to create a fashionable yet natural feel." The light green is becoming a favorite non-neutral neutral of designers for both in and outside the home. "This is more suited to light exteriors, providing a serene touch. Sage green is very versatile and goes with all styles, striking against the light shades." Opt for white and gray exterior finishes, as well as wood tones for finishes and trims.

Timeless yet trendy

Some color trends are enduring, never truly going out of style but rising to the top of popularity occasionally. Navy blue is one of those colors. "Navy blue doesn't get old, it offers style and an air of command by your door," Artem Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest. Navy blue is a color associated with strength, trust, and stability. "Bold navy blue makes a statement, it is modern but also classic and works well on brick exteriors." The traditional color will especially work well on the front door of homes with classic architecture, such as colonials and Cape Cods.

Similarly, navy will also look great against a white home exterior, whether it's painted brick or white shingles. Navy blue also pairs well with other neutrals, such as beige, brown, and gray, so consider these finish options for painted brick or stone, as well as for trim around the home's exterior.