Keep Your Kitchen Towels Handy With This Genius IKEA Hack

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While you could always toss your kitchen towels over your oven's handle, you could also use a genius IKEA hack that's super simple and wonderfully chic. The idea, which comes from a video shared by Instagram user Gülcan, can be seen in the clips where she takes advantage of her idea quickly and easily. If you want to do the same, all you need is a FAGNING magazine file from IKEA, your towels, and a little know-how.

Costing just $12.99, the FAGNING is made with steel and a powder coating that comes in a light grey-beige shade. With curves that create separate pockets, it provides the perfect spot to slide in a few magazines. Of course, they're also the ideal sections to store dish towels you want to keep nearby. Just set the item on your countertop before folding a few clean towels and sliding them into each spot. The piece gives you plenty of room to keep multiple towels in place and ready for use. Or, you might want to add a few other things that will make this kitchen addition even more useful — not to mention how you can make it truly suit your kitchen's style.

You can customize your IKEA FAGNING's look and uses

If your kitchen counters are typically cluttered, you can use a FAGNING from IKEA to save the day. In Gülcan's video, she can be seen storing more than just towels. Although she places a couple of folded dish towels in the front section, she also puts a cutting board and a cookbook in the other open spots. You could do the same, as well as use the space for your big wooden spoons, various utensils, and foodie magazines.

As for how the FAGNING looks, it's metal, which means there are various ways to customize it. You could use magnets to decorate the outside. Just look at the adorable and appropriately-themed Food Magnets from Favensen, which cost $13.89 on Amazon. You could also change the piece's color. The Rust Oleum 280716 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint can be found for $20.10 and comes in plenty of attractive colors that can match the overall style of your kitchen while also giving you extra storage space. Think along the lines of Apple Red, Brilliant Blue, Candy Pink, Gloss White, and Coral, to name a few. Each one could help to take your towel-holding FAGNING to the next level.