The Carpet Trend That'll Take You Back In Time In 2024

Of course, home design enthusiasts should be excited to hear all about the furniture and curtain trends for 2024. But don't forget about the hottest carpet trends! Believe it or not, one of 2024's most prominent carpet trends isn't particularly sleek, modern, or glamorous — it's more of a throwback. "Carpet trends for 2024 are inspired by the renewed demand for vintage furnishings and colorways of retro soft goods like upholstery and fabrics ... with traditional colorways of warm golden browns, beiges, and taupe with dark blue, gray, and black accents," Audra Keiber, the director of design and development for soft surfaces for Mohawk, told Better Homes and Gardens.

Thus, if you expected 2024's carpet trends to involve Barbie pink, cool futuristic tones, and exciting sparkle, you're in for a significant surprise. Trendy 2024 carpets are all about embracing old-school comfort and style, so get ready to see cozier, more vintage-inspired floors in the most style-savvy homes.

Retro carpets are excellent investments during any year

Vintage-inspired carpets aren't only good for 2024 — these retro pieces have some overlooked qualities that will benefit you and your home every year. "Vintage rugs only get better with time. ... Vintage rugs are very forgiving. ... They hide dirt and wear very well," Audrey Margarite, an elite designer, told Apartment Therapy. So, retro rugs with those warm and deep color palettes will be more practical for your home than more contemporary crisp white or faux-fur options.

Even if you're a younger, fashion-obsessed, or social media-loving reader, don't assume retro-looking rugs are dull and won't look cool after 2024. The right vintage-inspired carpet can look stunning, serving as a statement piece for your space. For example, Alicia Yanson — a TikToker with over 66,000 followers who is studying fashion in Tokyo — posted a video adding a vintage-looking rug with classic floral designs and warm tones to her room, making her space look significantly more unique and charming. She even described it as her "dream carpet." Why not take inspiration from this stylish TikToker and give these trendy old-school carpets a closer look?

Check out these retro-looking carpets and rugs

Are you ready to add a trendy vintage-inspired carpet or rug to your home if you don't have one already? There are some beautiful options to explore! For instance, the Auruge Area Rug — 5x7 Indoor Vintage Rugs Soft Fuzzy Carpet has a vintage-looking floral design and is available in warm orange with hints of darker blue for that retro colorway. This polyurethane carpet is available for $55.99 on Amazon and has 4.6 out of 5 stars with about 150 ratings.

Another option is the SAFAVIEH Vintage Hamadan Red/Multi 8 ft. x 10 ft. Floral Border Area Rug, available for $222.36 at Home Depot. This dark red rug features some blue and black accents, adding to the retro vibes of the intricate pattern, and it was power-loomed from polypropylene in Turkey. Plus, it has 4.8 stars with a 93% recommendation rate. 

Meanwhile, if you want the classic warm brown and beige look but aren't into floral designs and other involved patterns, you should consider the Adelaide Mid-Century Checkered Shag Area Rug, selling for $88.99 at Wayfair. The warm, cozy-looking product was made of all polypropylene in Turkey and has only perfect ratings. And after you've picked out your retro carpet or rug, why not check out some other retro decor that's making a huge comeback?