Jenny Marrs Proves Unconventional Paint Colors Can Level Up Your Home's Exterior

It may be many people's first instinct to paint their home's exterior a classic neutral, such as white or beige. There's nothing wrong with keeping it timeless, certainly if you genuinely like that look. But, no one should stick to those beloved yet basic neutrals just because they think it's what provides the most curb appeal. Instead of playing it safe, you should choose a color for your house that makes you happy. Believe it or not, your home can have more curb appeal with vibrant and inviting exterior paint hues.  

"Fixer to Fabulous" star Jenny Marrs proved that playful colors can improve a house's exterior in Episode 13 of Season 2. While the house was originally a more common — and dull — pale blue shade, Jenny and her husband Dave upgraded it to a more whimsical and unique light pink with a dark green door, much to homeowner Bowman Cooper's delight. You can take inspiration from Marrs and not deprive your own home of fun colors.

Bring a house's exterior to life with subtle pink paint

While some people might be pessimistic about the idea of opting for a pink house with a door in a contrasting color, the makeover was successful in the "Fixer to Fabulous" episode, and those who want to do something similar should take it as proof that doing so is a good idea. While you might not want to paint your home an overly intense bright or dark pink, opting for a soft, light pink shade like the home in the show will look lovely rather than overwhelming.

Jenny Marrs even wrote about the exciting transformation on her blog, noting, "When it comes to color, Bowman is all about the pink. She wanted the exterior to be an inviting pink shade (likely making it the only pink house in town)." Marrs continued, "The reclaimed front door in dark green sets off this one-of-a-kind pink Bentonville house just right! These outside changes put the old charm right back on this adorable cottage." And, pink isn't the only unconventional exterior paint color worth exploring. 

Don't be afraid to go to the dark side

Jenny Marrs encourages unconventionally dark and edgy home exteriors as much as she endorses lighter and more playful options. The "Fixer to Fabulous" star spoke about her experience with dark exterior paint for a home she worked on in Season 3 Episode 4. "You'd asked us to paint the exterior a dark color, so I had debated painting it black," she said to the homeowner. Upon learning the home's neighborhood doesn't allow homes to be painted black, Marrs chose a dark charcoal color that still stood out as unique while following the area's ordinances.

Of course, there's a lot you should consider before painting your home black or another dark color, and going from a light color to black is a drastic change for you and everyone who lives on your street. But, if you think it through and decide you still want to do it — and there are no rules against it — go for it! Some other dark and intriguing options besides black and gray include dark brown, olive or forest green, and navy blue. In the end, you should choose whatever exterior paint you like most.