The WD-40 Paper Shredder Hack You Should Avoid At All Costs

A paper shredder is an indispensable device if you deal with a lot of confidential documents on a daily basis. This nifty tool helps you discard sensitive information adequately, so you don't have to worry about fraudsters looting your trash can to commit synthetic identity fraud. However, the cutting blades begin losing their efficiency over time due to the accumulation of paper dust. If left untreated, the gadget will start emitting strange sounds, and the motor might get damaged, too. You can prevent this by oiling it regularly to keep your paper shredder sharp, specifically once every time you empty the bin. However, you must choose the right kind of oil, as lubricants like WD-40 can spell disaster for your shredder.

Although WD-40 has multiple genius uses around the home, avoid using it on any shredding devices. The WD-40 paper shredder hack will jam the machine and damage it beyond repair. In extreme circumstances, your nifty tool might even blow up. So, it's best to avoid this lubricant and follow the manufacturer's instructions closely on how to oil the tool.

Reasons not to use WD-40 on paper shredders

As mentioned, WD-40 doesn't work as a lubricant for a paper shredder. It does the opposite, actually. This lubricant's leftover residue forces the paper dust particles to bond, ultimately jamming the machine. In such circumstances, you'll have to expend a lot of time and energy to fix the jam. If that weren't enough, it might also render the cutting blades completely useless. Being an aerosol, this product is incredibly flammable and can lead to unwarranted fire incidents when applied to a electrical device. It could even explode if heated, which would happen when you turn on your shredder. So, to ensure your office tool has a long and efficient life (and to eliminate potential fires), it's best to avoid using WD-40 on your paper shredder.  Similarly, avoid vegetable, canola, olive, and baby oil, as they could cause device failure, too. 

Only use manufacturer-approved shredder oil to lubricate the machine, such as the Fellowes Powershred Shredder Oil that's available at Staples for under $10. This will help the blades do what they do best and prolong the lifespan of the tool. It can either be applied straight to the blades or zig-zagged across a piece of paper that you can then run through the machine. You can also use lubricant sheets specifically designed for shredders, like the Pen + Gear Self-Lubricating Shredder Sheets at Walmart for under $15, to keep the tool running efficiently.