DIY A Kids Party Table The Grownups Will Be Jealous Of With This Basic IKEA Find

If you've ever planned a kids party, you know how quickly expenses can add up. Whether you are planning a birthday party or just a kid-friendly get together, there are many things to consider including the activities, food, and decor. But one of the things we often forget about is the furniture and seating. Since kids usually can't sit in regular seats, it's important to give them their own appropriately-sized pieces. Luckily, we discovered a great DIY for a kids party table on TikTok that will take your party up a notch. All you need are two items besides some regular tools you probably already have around the home. The first is the LAGKAPTEN tabletop from IKEA for $90, and the second is a set of four table legs like the 16-inch VIVIJASON Foldable Hairpin Legs on Amazon that cost about $28. 

If you've ever had a children's party at a play gym, you've probably seen the long rectangular kid-sized tables that are perfect for little ones to do crafts around and eat their slices of pizza on. Unfortunately, those tables aren't something most of us have in our own homes, and they can also be difficult to find online at an affordable price. This DIY allows you to create one of those tables without breaking the bank. After you spruce up the piece with your own design flair, you'll have a perfect spot for the kids to play and eat during your next party.

How to create the DIY kids table

Once you have your tabletop, the legs with their screws, a drill, and a marker, you're ready to get started. As @themodernhouzzparty demonstrates in her TikTok, begin by marking the holes of the legs on the underside of the table using the marker. Once that is complete, you can pre-drill the holes. Then, line up your legs with those holes and install the screws. Just ensure that you screw the legs in tight so that the table feels secure. 

Once the table is done, you'll need one more item to make it party-ready: the chairs. Keep in mind that this table is intentionally shorter than an average table, so you won't be able to use your dining chairs or even any regular-sized folding chairs you may have lying around. Instead, look for chairs that are about 12 inches high (or less), like the four piece plastic set by ECR4Kids from Amazon. The chairs may be the priciest part of this DIY (the set from Amazon will cost you about $90, and you'll most likely need multiple sets) so you can also look into companies and vendors that offer chair rentals. One table can fit about 10 small kids chairs around it, so keep that in mind. Another option is short stools like the two piece set by Mintra Home on Amazon that costs about $40 and comes in lots of fun colors.

How to spruce up your DIY table

This kids table is great on its own, but if you want to add a bit of life to it, consider personalizing the piece. The tabletop is stark white, so to have it match your party decor, you could paint it. Using spray paint is the easiest way to give it some color — just make sure you are using one that will adhere to the material of the table. It's made out of a wooden frame and particleboard or fiberboard. The Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch General Purpose Spray Paint from Home Depot could work great for this project and comes in plenty of colors for under $7.

You can also spice up the look of the table for parties by using a tablecloth and adding centerpieces like faux flowers or pop-ups that match the theme (a pretty cake also makes a great centerpiece). You can switch up the seating by using pillows instead of chairs for a more boho and ultra kid-friendly look. For this option, you'll need to use shorter legs that are about 10 inches tall for your DIY like the four piece set of CLAIRLA Folding Table Iron Legs from Amazon for about $30. Further, after the party is over, you can still use the table for arts and crafts or as a picnic table outside. On the other hand, if you only want to use it for parties, you can fold the legs inwards and easily store the piece.