How To Create Convenient Bathroom Storage With Leftover Candle Jars

If you love the warm glow of candles and are a fan of their subtle fragrance, chances are you've got some empty candle jars lying around the house. While you can take them out with yesterday's trash and sentence them to a smelly life in a landfill (glass jars can take up to a million years to decompose), a better alternative is to remove dust from your candle jars and upcycle them as a convenient bathroom storage accessory.

A transparent bathroom storage solution will make it easier to find items and keep the countertops and drawers organized. Think how much easier your life would be if you didn't have to sift through your accessories and makeup to find one clean cotton swab. You can place the jar anywhere convenient for you — countertops and shelves are fair game. The best part, though? You get to reduce waste actively and won't have to spend much to achieve the look of a high-end storage solution. But cleaning out the candle jar is essential before you can start this DIY project.

Clean the candle jar

The easiest way to remove the leftover wax is to place the candle jar in the freezer overnight (or for a couple of hours). The cold environment will freeze the wax and shrink it. This will make it easier to scoop out the hardened material in chunks with a butter knife. However, this method is suitable for jars that don't have a glued wick. If that's the case, place the jar on a sturdy surface, grab some paper towels, and boil water to melt the leftover wax. Pour boiling water into the jar and let it stay undisturbed for a few hours. Don't fill the jar to the brim. You want to leave space for the melted wax to move to the surface.

Once you see wax afloat, grab a strainer and strain the water inside the jar. Prevent pouring wax into the drain, as it'll solidify along the way and clog the drainage pipes. If there's some wax left behind, pour more boiling water and use a butter knife to scrape it out. You can also pop the jars in the oven or use the double-boiler method to get rid of the wax. If you don't have the luxury of time and there's not a lot of wax to remove, a teaspoon could work, too. Once the wax is out, use acetone nail polish remover to remove stickers from your glass decor item.

Create bathroom storage out of candle jar

After the wax is out and the label is gone, give the candle jars (along with lids) a soap and water bath to ensure they're completely clean. Wipe the jars dry, and you're ready to create your DIY bathroom storage. If you have jars without lids, you can use the empty glass cylinders to store your makeup brushes and hair accessories, like elastics and bobby pins. Add colorful beads and stones to the jar for a more chic look before adding the brushes or accessories.

However, if the jar has a lid, get some knobs and ½ inch screws from your local hardware store (leftovers from another DIY project work, too!). You'll also need a drill machine with a metal drill bit, hammer, nail punch, and scrap wooden board. Next, don protective goggles and put the lid on the wooden board so the inner portion faces you. Place the nail punch in the middle of the lid and hammer it to create a bullseye for your drill. Note that you can skip this step and use a marker to mark the middle of the lid if you're confident with the drill. Once you have the hole you need, use screws to add knobs to the lid. Ta-da! Your bathroom storage is ready. You can even add a stand to the candle jars for a luxurious look. Use it to store cotton balls, decorative soaps, Q-tips, and other toiletries to organize your bathroom.