Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into A Unique Decorative Planter With TikTok's DIY

You may want to reconsider before putting those empty toilet paper rolls into the recycle bin. Surprisingly, there are a ton of uses for these seemingly worthless items, from making wall decor to keeping cutworms off your plants. The latest toilet roll DIY mixes both those topics to create a decorative planter. @lotsofdots created a TikTok post that shows how using three toilet paper rolls, some glue, and filler creates a gorgeous Anthropologie-looking dupe for your indoor plants.

This hack not only saves you money –  it also does a small part in helping the environment by upcycling items you would otherwise throw in the garbage. Plus, with just three materials and only a few steps, it can be done by even the most amateur of DIY-ers. Make the planter your own by adding paint, designs, or other crafts like stickers or gems, and fill it with your favorite indoor plant or faux plants. 

How to create the toilet paper planter DIY

The first step is to cut each of the rolls in half, cutting on both sides so you are left with six separate pieces. Then, apply hot glue or super glue to the edges and attach the pieces, joining the last two pieces together to create a circular shape. Once the glue has fully dried, apply the filler to the outside of the toilet paper rolls. In the video, @lotsofdots uses her hands to apply evenly, but you can also use a scraper or brush — just be careful as the rolls are quite flimsy and can break easily. Afterward, sand off the excess filler and create a smooth finish for painting.

Once you have your DIY complete, you can either leave it as-is for a rustic finish, or the TikToker spray-painted it white to add a bit of dimension. You can paint yours any color of your choosing, depending on your vibe and overall home decor. This DIY is also a great idea for a party centerpiece — try adding glitter, gems, or stickers to keep it in theme.