The DIY Project You Need For Those Stacked Front Load Washing Machines

If you have a stacked front-load washing machine, then you may know all too well just how much hassle it can be to shovel a mountain of clothes from your basket straight into the mouth of your machine — it's heavy and fiddly. However, a DIY project from @homebodyhq shows how incorporating an old wooden board can transform how you load up your clothes, making transferring them into your appliances much smoother. All you have to do is slip it in the middle of your machines and utilize it as a makeshift table, helping you to create a functional laundry room. This means that you'll likely drop fewer garments on the floor, as you can draw your focus on where they're going. Likewise, if you often struggle with the weight of carrying the basket, then this will help to take a lot of the strain off your body, providing some much-needed relief while undertaking this mundane chore.

To complete this project, all you'll need is an old wooden board that's thin enough to slot between your two appliances with ease, some screws and a screwdriver, and a handle of your choice (preferably one that's easy to use). For example, you could use this vintage handle from Walmart for $6.49 or this brushed nickel handle for $14.99. If you have a spare handle lying around your home, you can always use that too — just make sure whatever you choose is the correct size.

Prepare your wooden board

To kick start the process, take your wooden board and cut it to size so that it will slot nicely in the small gap in the middle of your stacked washing machine and dryer. You should be able to easily pull it out without having to tug at it, but it also shouldn't be so loose that it just slides out. Now, you either have the option to leave it or paint it in the color of your choice — such as black, gray, or blue — which will help add a unique touch. Once it's dry, use some screws to add the handles to the end of your board so they're firmly in place. If you don't want to use screws, you can always use a strong adhesive as an alternative for attachment. Then, all that's left is to wait for it to cure, and you can put your board to work! Simply slot it in place and use it whenever you need to plop your laundry basket down.

If you want to customize your board even further, you could try cutting different yet practical shapes — such as something circular or hexagonal — and even experiment with different handle types. For example, you can get a rope handle from Etsy for $48.44. 

However, be careful not to yank your board all the way out, as it could fall and hurt you or cause other potential damage. Likewise, you should also ensure that your basket or other items you place on it aren't too heavy, as it could cause the wood to slide out or eventually break.