10 Duct Tape Hacks That Are Worth A Try

Duct tape is a versatile home essential. The adhesive is stronger than packing and masking tape, making it a stellar choice for various repair work. Duct tape is made up of three layers — polythene plastic, mesh cloth, and rubber-based glue, creating a durable, flexible, and water-resistant adhesive. The heavy-duty tape is a top pick for maintenance jobs, but there are several other ways to use it around your home, apart from patching or sticking things together. Duct tape works for controlling pests, cleaning, decorating, and organizing.

Along with the adhesive's classic gray shade, the tape is available in various colors and patterns. There is even glow-in-the-dark duct tape. Any of these versions will work for our duct tape hacks. Plus, these handy tricks do not require a lot of tape. You can complete all ten hacks with one roll, and there might still be some tape left over. So grab a pack and see what you can do.

DIY a fly trap

Flies are pesky creatures that no one wants in their home. However, getting rid of flies is simple. You can make a trap with duct tape. Cut a 12-inch strip of the industrial adhesive and hang it where the flies congregate or near attractors like fruit and trash cans. To amp up the power of the sticky trap, lightly spray the tape with sugar water. The sweet liquid will attract the flyers while the glue ends its reign.

Get the last speck of dust

The hardest part of sweeping the floors is getting all the dirt into the dustpan. There always seems to be a line of debris that refuses to get in the bin. That is where duct tape comes in. Attach a strip along the length of the dustpan and tape the pan's edge to the floor. Now, when you sweep the dirt inside the trap, no debris will slide underneath the pan because of the seamless edge created by the tape.

Impromptu lint roller

Duct tape comes in handy to remove dryer lint from clothing, pet hair from furniture, dust from curtains, and so much more. You can use it as an impromptu heavy-duty lint roller to tackle these messes. Just wrap the adhesive sticky-side-up around a paint roller or toilet paper roll and use it like a standard lint roller. Then, toss the used tape once the dust particles are gone.

Remove stripped screws

With a stripped screw, the teeth inside its head have eaten away, making it impossible for a screwdriver or drill to catch on the gears and remove the bolt. Luckily, a piece of duct tape can increase the grip inside the hole and help you remove the stripped screw. First, place a piece of tape over the screw head, then insert the screwdriver and apply pressure downward as you twist. This hack works best for screws with teeth only partially worn down; it may not work if the gears are entirely gone.

Seal caulking tubes

So, you've resealed around the toilet or kitchen backsplash with caulking, and there is still some sealant in the tube. The caulking will dry out without a cover, rendering the product useless. Instead of throwing away half-filled tubes, seal your caulking with duct tape to preserve the material. Simply apply a strip of tape over the tube's tip. Then, take another piece and wrap it around the entire sprout. The adhesive creates an air-tight seal that will keep the caulking fresh to reuse for your next project.

Craft garden labels

Marking your garden with labels is a simple way to organize your plants and ensure each crop receives the specific care it needs. An easy hack is crafting cute labels from duct tape. You can use a chopstick, branch, or metal wire for the stake. Then, wrap a strip of duct tape around the stake to create the label. Lastly, write the name of your herbs or flowers and plant the marker in your garden bed. It will stand up to the rain and wind while looking stylish. Further, you can use colorful tape or shape the corners for added design.

Open stubborn jars

Before you accidentally break a jar trying to pry the lid off — grab a roll of duct tape. Take three 10-inch strips and layer them directly on top of each other. Then, secure about 3 inches of the tape strap onto the lid's side and fold the overlap onto the top of the jar. Next, double the excess 7 inches of tape in half so the sticky side is no longer exposed. Lastly, grab the handle and pull. The strap will give you leverage — so the lid pops right off.

Create furniture floor protectors

A piece of duct tape can protect your floors from scratches and increase its resistance so your furniture doesn't easily glide across the surface. Wrap duct tape on the end of chair legs, the bottom of planters, and other furnishings. You want to use tape the same shade as the piece to blend it with the furniture. The adhesive will prevent scuffs and is way less noticeable than tennis balls or other DIY protectors.

Make a drill marker

Another duct tape hack is using it as a drill marker, so when you're screwing into walls, you'll know how far to go. First, line up your screw or wall anchor with the top of your drill bit. Then, mark where the screw ends on your bit with a piece of duct tape. Now when you drill into the wall, the tape will signify where to stop to create a hole deep enough for the screw to fit.

Upgrade your mirror

Duct tape is not only for construction projects; it works as crafty decor, too. Instantly upgrade your mirror by wrapping the tape around its edge. The added adhesive creates a frame that elevates the looking glass and adds character to the room. You can find duct tape in various colors and patterns for a style that matches your aesthetic. When you're ready to change the design, try this simple WD-40 hack that eliminates duct tape residue.