The Space-Saving Dollar Tree Find That'll Change The Way You Store Baseball Caps

If you have baseball caps that you need to keep tidy and organized, then you really should take advantage of a hack from TikTok user @ashlee.angel. The idea simply involves grabbing a few over-the-door hangers from Dollar Tree, which only cost $1.25 each. Of course, if you use the hangers as intended, then they won't be as useful as you might want them to be. Instead, while you can still use one hanger over the door as it's meant to be used, you can also add more to your door to give you additional spots to hang your caps.

For this super quick and easy DIY project, you'll also need a couple of removable wall hooks, also from Dollar Tree at $1.25 for a pair. Once you have your supplies, pop two of the hooks onto the back of your door. Place them so they're perfectly horizontal and spaced out to the same length as the over-the-door hangers, then suspend the hanger from the hooks. Repeat this below the first hanger until you've put up enough to hold all of your caps. Of course, caps aren't the only way that you can use this savvy setup.

Dollar Tree hangers can hold more than baseball caps

Although there's no doubt that this hack is a great way to organize your baseball caps, while keeping them ready and available for you to wear, this setup could also be used for so much more. For instance, if you have a fair share of jewelry, then over-the-door hangers could be used to hold your necklaces and bracelets. That's not to mention your scarves, purses, and hair accessories.

On top of that, the hangers can be used in more than just your bedroom or closet, too. If you put up hangers on the back of the door in a bathroom, then it could be an ideal spot to hang up robes and towels. In the kitchen, it could also hold your dish towels as well as any utensils that have ties on the ends. You can even use this handy hack outside. You might want to set up hangers on the inside of your shed door to hold tools, your gardening aprons, and gloves. Frankly, the options are only limited to what you can think of and need in or around your home.