Our Best Tips For Safely Adding A Tree Swing To Your Yard

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Nothing welcomes one into a yard quite like an outdoor tree swing. In fact, when we think of the quintessential home, there is usually a swing nestled right out front underneath a gorgeous tree. If that image is now coming true for your home and you want to add a swing, there are a few things to consider before doing so — mainly safety. Not only do you want the tree to be safe for your kids to swing on, but you also want the mechanism you use to secure it to not harm your tree. Hot tip: Don't use metal chains!

There are a few ways you can add a swing to your tree safely: with ropes, eye bolts, or hanging straps. Ropes and hanging straps are likely your best options, as they leave little to no harm to the tree. Eye bolts are a good option for safety but can damage to your tree. Considering both aspects, here's how to decide the best way to install your swing and how to do it correctly.

How to add a tree swing without damaging the tree

To make your tree swing safe and secure, you can use ropes to attach it. In order to use ropes correctly, you'll have to familiarize yourself with a slip knot. This type of knot is loose enough to keep the tree from being damaged but strong enough to keep the swing from falling down. To fully ensure the tree is unharmed due to friction caused by the swing, you'll also want to add a rope sleeve or rubber tubing around the rope. You can find a rope sleeve on Amazon for less than $10 and rubber tubing, also on Amazon, for less than $7.

Another way to attach your swing to your tree is with eye bolts or hooks. This is a more invasive way, as it requires drilling holes into the tree bark. But, if you are worried about safety, it is likely the safest option. Luckily, it is improbable that the eye bolts will cause any serious damage if installed correctly, and any damage that is done will likely be healed by the tree itself. Still, the best way to attach your swing is with hanging straps, which can be purchased on Amazon for around $20, and is a super easy way to attach your swing.

Other things to consider when adding a tree swing

In addition to the way you attach the swing, you will also need to determine the best tree and tree branch to use as well as the type of swing. Installing a tree swing is similar to installing a porch swing, but instead of using a pre-built structure, you are using a tree. As for the branch, you want to find one not only sturdy but also thick and high enough so a person can swing effectively without touching the ground. Look for a branch at least 10 inches thick and less than 15 feet high. Hardwood trees are usually your best option, but if you are unsure, you can always consult a professional to find the best tree for your tree swing.

As for the swing itself, you can either buy one – Home Depot has a natural-looking option for just over $20 — or make one yourself. And, don't limit yourself to a traditional tree swing. You can get creative and add a tire swing, a rope swing, or even a baby swing if you have little ones. Just keep safety in mind to make sure it's suitable for your family, and you'll be enjoying your new swing in no time.