DIY Unique Floating Faux Plant Decor With This Dollar Tree Pool Noodle Hack

Filling your home with beautiful and unique décor can feel like a rather daunting challenge, both financially and creatively. Purchasing customized art from an artist doesn't fit into everyone's budget and settling for mass-produced décor items can leave your space feeling generic. Luckily, TikTok is always ready with easy, customizable interior decorating hacks that nearly anyone can afford. If your home could use some greenery and a piece of wall art, a recent hack posted by TikToker @Hometalk could be exactly what the DIY doctor ordered.

All you'll need to build your own stunning piece of plant-based wall art is an old or thrifted picture frame, a couple of pool noodles, some artificial moss, and an assortment of Dollar Tree faux succulents. For tools, you'll need to gather a craft knife, a pair of pliers, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, and spray or craft paint (if you choose to paint your frame). 

How to create DIY Dollar Tree floating faux plant décor

Creating your DIY Dollar Tree floating faux plant wall art is a rather simple process. First, remove the backing and the glass from your picture frame (using pliers, if necessary). Then, paint the frame — unless you plan to preserve its current color. Cut your pool noodles vertically in half and then cut those halves horizontally to fit inside the frame. Attach the pool noodle pieces to the back of the frame using hot glue and then attach the frame to its back. Discard the glass.

Use your hot glue gun to attach artificial moss to the pool noodles that are now visible through the front of the frame. Once the pool noodles are completely covered, remove your faux succulents from their pots (if potted). Apply hot glue to the stem of each succulent and then push it into one of the cracks between the pool noodle segments. Continue this process until you reach the number of succulents you think looks right for your piece. 

How to customize your DIY Dollar Tree floating faux plant décor

Even if you don't feel that creativity is your strong suit, you can find easy ways to customize your DIY Dollar Tree floating faux plant wall décor. Start by painting your picture frame. If you're struggling to choose a color, consider a metallic gold, bronze, or silver spray paint to really make a sophisticated statement. Beyond painting, you can add extra personality to your piece with the addition of string lights or accent it with the use of a mini-spotlight.

If succulents aren't your favorite plant genre, you can make your art piece using any arrangement of faux flowers and/or foliage that you enjoy. Make your décor piece your own and strive to match the intention you have for the space where your art will reside. Once you've finished your customized wall art, stand back and appreciate the difference that a few dollars and a bit of your time and energy can make in your home.