Save Your Old Coffee Mugs To Eliminate Excess Countertop Clutter In The Bathroom

Coffee mugs are a popular home decor option for homeowners, the uses for which stretch far beyond beverage consumption alone. Available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and styles, coffee mugs are so easy to collect as you live and explore the world around you, whether you're running errands at your local grocery store or hunting for souvenirs when you go on vacation. That is until you run out of places to store them. 

If your kitchen cabinets are stocked to the max with coffee mugs from previous trips to home goods stores, it's time to decide which ceramics you should part with or recycle. But, what's the best way to repurpose the mugs that you no longer use? Transform your old and forgotten coffee mugs into convenient miniature storage containers for your bathroom, opening up space on your counter while holding toothbrushes, makeup brushes, or miscellaneous self-care items like bobby pins, cotton swabs, and hair ties.

Retailers that specialize in home organization merchandise, like IKEA and The Container Store, usually charge top dollar for their collections of storage products designed to restore order and cleanliness to all rooms of your house. Well, coffee mugs are a creative and cost-effective way to accomplish the same goal, and there's likely a mug or two inside your house that would do the job nicely. Keep reading for more on this easy-to-execute hack that frees up valuable space along your bathroom's countertop — no coffee required.

Organize your bathroom counter

Before you get well into reorganizing, figure out how many of your personal care products will be able to comfortably fit along your bathroom countertop without appearing cluttered or causing a potential mess. Its size will determine how you organize your bathroom's vanity and will largely impact your storage setup. In other words, the smaller the counter, the fewer necessities it'll be able to hold. Order the items according to how often you use them. The toiletries used most frequently should be prioritized over those used more sparingly. Place any leftover items that won't fit inside a nearby drawer, cabinet, or supplementary storage container for easy access.

Once you've set aside the items you want to keep on your countertop, find and prepare the coffee mugs that you want to use inside your bathroom. Your vanity's size will also determine the number and size of coffee mugs that you'll be able to use, so play around with different arrangements before deciding on the layout that best suits your preferences. The mugs you select may contain dust or dirt depending on how long they've been stowed away, so give them a good wash before storing your clean toiletry or beauty products inside. 

Finally, develop and maintain proper sanitary habits when using coffee mugs in your bathroom and practice good personal hygiene. This includes checking the bottoms of mugs regularly for mold and other buildup. Make sure you clean them out or just throw them in the dishwasher regularly to prevent harmful bacteria from growing and spreading.