The One Thing Dave And Jenny Marrs Are Sure To Incorporate In Every Home Design

Dave and Jenny Marrs's home renovations all look different, but there's one consistent mark that the experts leave on every home they touch: an American flag. Of course, people have different reasons for displaying American flags on their homes, from a simple act of patriotism to a way to thank those who serve the country. That way of saying "thank you" happens to be why Jenny and Dave Marrs love adding the flag to homes.

On November 11, 2020, Jenny Marrs wrote, "It's important for us to place an American flag on every house in honor of everyone who has served our country; including my amazing Father-in-law and my Papa," in honor of Veteran's Day on Instagram. So, if you've been wondering why you see so many post-home-renovation American flags on "Fixer to Fabulous," you should know that adding those flags is the Marrs' way of honoring those who serve America. If you want to show your appreciation for the soldiers and veterans, consider following the Marrs' lead and adding an American flag to your home.

They recommend Allegiance Flag Supply

As you can see from Dave and Jenny Marrs, American flags don't have to be for only the Fourth of July. So, if you want to show your patriotism all year and honor those who serve the country, you should display your flag as often as you want instead of only on patriotic holidays. And if you can't decide where to shop for a flag, Dave and Jenny Marrs recommend Allegiance Flag Supply.

On Dave's Christmas Gift Guide, Jenny Marrs wrote, "Allegiance Flag Supply understands the symbol of the flag and has worked hard to create a high-quality product made in America. Plus, they employ veterans too," per the Dave and Jenny Marrs blog. That gift guide blog post gave a specific shout-out to the 3' x 5' American Flag, which sells for $85 at Allegiance Flag Supply and has five stars with over 1,500 ratings. Thus, fans of Dave Marrs who are looking for American flags should check out Allegiance Flag Supply and perhaps start with that beloved item.

Tips for flaunting your American flag and your love for America

Does the American flag attached to your house's exterior always end up getting tangled, leading to frustration? A convenient way to prevent that from happening is to add a small lock to the bottom of it, keeping it in place. Plus, there are more ways to take inspiration from Jenny and Dave Marrs and show your love for America if you want to go further than adding a flag, or if you can't add a flag for any reason.

Another way to show your patriotism via decor is to put a bunch of red, white, and blue floral decorations together in a vase and display it inside or outside your home. You may even want to add mini American flags to the vase to further show your patriotism! You can also make a patriotic decoration by layering blue, white, and red sand in containers. There are many ways to show your love for America and your appreciation for those who serve the country, so don't be afraid to get creative.