Why A Padded Toilet Seat Is The Most Comfortable Choice For Accessibility

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Did you know that many people don't replace their toilet seats often enough? If you think your throne might be due for a new seat, consider upgrading to a padded option. Treating your toilet to a padded seat has many benefits, such as a gentler, cozier, and warmer feeling. Kids will likely prefer padded toilet seats over the less comfortable classic options. It will be convenient for elders, too, as the gentler feeling should help them feel safer and more relaxed in the restroom.

Furthermore, a padded toilet seat should make bathroom use easier for people with health conditions that make a more traditional toilet seat uncomfortable or even painful. For instance, if someone has hemorrhoids or recently had surgery or medical treatment that causes difficulty or uncomfortable reactions when trying to sit comfortably, a padded seat can help. And let's face it: Even if you're not a child or a senior citizen and don't have any health concerns, sitting on a padded seat is going to be more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface, right?

Be practical and choose the best padded toilet seat for your bathroom

While padded seats can do wonders for your throne, you should be aware of the downsides of these soft seats before making the change, as you should when considering any toilet seat alternative. For instance, padded toilet seats tend to be more expensive and can be more likely to get stained or show wear and tear than hard seats. Also, the padded seat's original shape could potentially get messed up over time.

Still, many people will decide that the pros of padded toilets will outweigh the cons, especially if they have young kids, elderly relatives, or health conditions. To avoid issues with the padded seat, it might make sense to look for one with good reviews, such as the Bath Décor 1R1-21 Round Toilet Seat and Lid, available for $33.99 at Wayfair. The seat is supposedly resistant to chipping, fading, mold, mildew, rust, and stains.

Or, if you have an elongated toilet, you could check out something like the Mayfair by Bemis Eden Elongated White Soft Toilet Seat, selling for $34.99 at Ace Hardware.

Consider opting for non-permanent cushions instead

Do you like the idea of a padded toilet seat, but aren't sure enough about it that you want to commit to one? Think about buying temporary toilet seat cushions instead of committing to a padded seat. By doing so, you'll be able to enjoy the softer feeling when you want it and take the cushion off when you don't. Or, just add the cushions when very young family members or elderly guests come over.

For instance, consider the best-selling, elongated, and low-maintenance Vive Toilet Seat Cushion. The polyurethane foam item is available in your choice of 2 inches for $31.99 or 4 inches for $54.99 at Amazon and has 3.9 stars with more than 3,600 ratings. Another option is the white, two-inch, and tear-resistant DMI Raised Toilet Seat Cushionselling for $19.96 at Walmart.