Use This Pool Noodle Hack To DIY The Most Unique Textured Accent Wall

Are you looking for a fun and bold accent wall idea? Believe it or not, using a pool noodle as a paint roller can give you some incredibly unique and exciting accent walls because of the creative pattern options you can carve into it. YouTuber Interior_Works posted a short showing this, starting by cutting a pool noodle to fit the paint roller. Once the pool noodle was set up, they used a marker to create an abstract pattern of various blob-like shapes and added them all over the noodle.

Next, they cut out each of these blob-ish shapes with an X-Acto knife. When all the shapes were carved out, the pool noodle-turned-paint roller featured a one-of-a-kind textured design that would cover the accent wall in those abstract shapes for a daring texture. If you want to go bold, consider trying this strategy. Or, if you don't want something quite as abstract, try carving out other shapes you like, such as hearts, stars, or polka dots.

There are different options for a pool noodle paint roller

This ingenious pool noodle hack can also be used to create an animal print effect, so if you love animal print fashion and interior design details, try that. For instance, try cutting a crocodile-inspired pattern into the pool noodle and applying thin paint to it. The results should give your canvas a crocodile scale-looking accent that will match your favorite crocodile print clothes, accessories, or furniture.

Or, if you want a super consistent textured effect that looks like spots, just add bubble wrap to the pool noodle. A benefit of adding bubble wrap or another textured surface to the pool noodle for the pattern instead of creating your own design is that you won't have to worry about using an X-Acto knife if you aren't comfortable with one. 

If you've never tried using a patterned pool noodle as a paint roller before and are nervous about doing so to apply paint to a wall in your house, try the hack on a less permanent canvas first to see how you feel about the results.