The IKEA Cabinet TikTok Swears By For An Organized And Stylish Laundry Room

Finding ways to organize your laundry room isn't always easy, especially if you have limited space. Fortunately, there's a certain Ikea cabinet that can help you with this particular situation. We're referring to the NYSJÖN laundry cabinet, which is 15 ¾ by 74 ¾ inches and costs $169.99 from Ikea. TikTok user @lexxalapointe discovered how handy it can be when she set up the piece in her laundry room and decided to rave about it online. That's because not only does it provide you with a place to stash baskets of dirty laundry, but it happens to be both tall and narrow, so it won't take up a lot of space.

Specifically meant to help you sort your laundry as it piles up, the front of the cabinet door features two sizable holes. Whenever you have something that needs to go in the wash, you can simply toss it through one of the holes, and it will end up in a basket that you can have sitting inside (and is included with the cabinet). Frankly, it's so useful that many want to take the advice from Ikea and opt to set up two NYSJÖN cabinets next to each other so that there's more space for dirty laundry. You can do the same or find other ways to customize this piece so it works perfectly in your laundry room.

Customize your IKEA NYSJÖN setup

Although you could place two Ikea NYSJÖN cabinets beside each other in your laundry room, that isn't the only option for a fabulously functional setup. Ikea's NYSJÖN Storage combination for laundry includes the cabinet with the circle openings in the front and a cabinet meant for placing around and above your washing machine. The duo is sold at Ikea for $269.98. On the other hand, the NYSJÖN High cabinet offers you a closed storage space, costs $89.99 at Ikea, and could be set up alongside a laundry cabinet. The same goes for the ENHET Storage combination, which features open and closed areas and can be found for $432 at Ikea. However, if the added expenditures are not in your budget, then the unit on its own has a perfectly unique design with kid-friendly features. Reviews of the Ikea NYSJÖN boast a sleek, durable design and easy installation, but some found that putting in the final details, like the rings, was a bit of a challenge and that replacement bins are nearly impossible to order separately if they become stained. 

If you are concerned about the one-toned white aesthetic not matching your space, you may want to change how the outside of the piece looks. In that case, you can always easily paint the exterior of your Ikea furniture or even add paneling. Just be sure not to block the circular openings that make this piece so wonderfully unique and useful.