Repurpose Old Picture Frames To Keep Your Bathroom Neat And Tidy In Style

Picture frames can be so much more than simply mechanisms to display your favorite family photos. You can repurpose your picture frames into serving trays, Christmas decor, or an art display for all the pictures your kids bring home from school. But beyond that, you can also use your picture frames in your bathroom to give it a classy, upscale look. Whether you are looking for inexpensive updates for your home or rental-friendly design tips that won't jeopardize your deposit, this picture frame towel holder hack, found on TikTok, is the ultimate idea. 

By using frames you already have or purchasing new frames from Dollar Tree, you can create a quick and easy update to your hanging towels. Simply remove the backing of the frame and the glass, turn the frame vertically, and loop your towel through the frame. Use a curtain tie-back stick to keep the frame in place, and you have an instant upscale look for your bathroom hand towels.

Other ways to use picture frames for your bathroom

If you love the idea of giving your hand towels a designated space in your bathroom but don't want to deal with re-positioning them after every use, consider using hooks instead. As seen in this DIY from HomeTalk, you can use the same frames from Dollar Tree, adhere them to your wall with Command Strips, and add a hook in the middle to simply place your towel on. This gives your bathroom an upscale look without the leg work.

Thinking beyond towels, you can also use these hooks to hang jewelry or if you use heavy-duty hooks, you can hang your hair tools on them as well. If you have some DIY skills, you can use the Dollar Tree frames to create a storage shelf, as seen on this TikTok. By gluing the frames together using mini wood blocks, you can create a gorgeous space to hold your countertop necessities, like your toothbrush and skincare.